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PSA: Into the Nest gondola ride ‘Special Surprise’

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If you don't want an execution squad of 2 gunners, a gas and a warpfire thrower waiting for you at the exit, wait for the specials to spawn before going on the gondola which should take about 20-30s.


The way the mechanic works is that the specials are prevented from being spawned while events are on, and once the event is over (boss killed), the specials are allowed to spawn again. In the past, this has led to players getting immediately swamped by specials after killing the boss, which Fatshark decided to tone down by delaying the resumption of the special spawn mechanics in order to allow for the team to recover and regroup.

This means that the specials are still paused while you run for the gondola after the boss, and it is resumed while you are riding it, so they are spawned in front and thus are waiting for you to come into view and are prepped for a firing squad welcome.


So if you would rather face specials out in the open where you can dodge around and shoot them, wait before you enter the gondola. Otherwise save some ammo and maybe a bomb or two for the firing squad at the end.

PS: The facespawn horde at the end is an old bug that is still in the process of being solved. In the meantime, hold block and stick to the walls while running through there or you might occasionally get the entire wave spawn right on top of you. Having one side to the wall not only reduces the amount of stuff that can hit you by half, but it also allows you to face out and push immediately to buy space to fight, as pushing outside of your effective push radius barely does anything and so you will get hit from behind if you try pushing while surrounded.

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