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PSA – Off Balance Trait

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It's been mentioned several times before, both here and on the Fatshark forums, but figured I'd put up a PSA for those who may not be aware of the issue.

First off, props to several people who did testing on the issue, I know Spaceman did brute force testing and /u/grimalackt confirmed through code diving.

The Off Balance trait reads

  • Blocking an attack increases damage the attacker takes by 50% for 3.0 seconds.

At present, this is not the actual effect that is applied. Instead, the effect gives the same buff that Witch Hunter Captain's passive Witch-Hunt gives, which is:

  • Target takes 20% additional damage for 5 seconds

Note that Off Balance does not presently stack with Witch-Hunt, because per Grimlackt it is applying the same debuff in the code. So the engine doesn't consider it to be two different debuffs, but two different methods of applying the same debuff.


Hopefully, this the debuff will be separated out into a discrete debuff at some point in the future, apply the correct amount of damage increase, and stack with Witch-Hunt. (Or at the very least, have the description of the trait updated to what is factually accurate if the decision is made to keep it at the lower power level.)


History lesson – in VT1, Off Balance and Strength potions were the same effect as well, and so did not stack together in that game either. So even if it's corrected to the +50% damage from the description, the trait is still weaker in VT2 than it was in VT1 – albeit more consistent. (normal took 3x damage, armored changed to normal, and resistant took 2x damage)

edit: Unlike in VT1, Off Balance does increase the damage that you do with your attacks after blocking.

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