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PSA: Solved My access Violation 0xc0000005 Issues

ttfvs8xl 1024x576 - PSA: Solved My access Violation 0xc0000005 Issues

TLDR: I underclocked my memory rate

Up until the release I had only rare issues with crashes but since that patch I was unable to complete a single run. Either the PC would freeze or crash to desktop showing that access violation.

Most people with the same issue seemed to resolve it by disabling in-game voice as it appears to be an issue specifically related to sound: – I tried disabling and trying usb vs o/b sound channels and even tested older driver versions vs latest to no avail.

I read through the nvidia help: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3565/~/graphics-card-basic-troubleshooting-for-video-corruption-%2F-crashing-%2F-system – that gave a few new areas to look into and I made sure every single one of my drivers was up to date and all my firmware was update to date – no avail.

I also found this thread that gave me the idea: https://www.pcgamesn.com/nvidia/gtx-1070-micron-memory – it was related to the gfx card memory but since corsair uses other party memory (micron/hynix/samsung) I thought I would try underclocking my ram and that seemed to work.


I'm rolling a ryzen 5 1600 (@3.6) with 16GB corsair ddr4 (xmp @3200) & gtx1070ti stock – I was just using the ram's xmp profile that is tested from factory and my configuration passed my basic stress tests, IBT maximum 12 threads and Asus master stress test.

Without actually playing any other truly stressful games at the moment I cannot say if this is VT2 specific but I can say it's not a gfx driver issue (no artifacts or nvidia crashes) and it doesn't crash under my stress tests although I think I may need to get a newer tool to be more conclusive – but interestingly the dev in the FS forum states the violation itself is related to 3rd party sound which might explain why stress testing doesn't find any faults but without knowing the exact problem it's purely speculation.

Hopefully that helps anyone else with this issue – now to set up a FS account to post this info

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