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warhammer 9 - Pushing to Legend

vermintide - Pushing to Legend

r/vermintide! I've posted here a few times before and gotten pretty good advice, so I figured I'd post here again.

I got my item level up to 300 a couple of weeks ago and made the switch from veteran to champion. At first I was struggling, but now I can steamroll through champion reliably (unless I have a bad team, which to be honest happens more than I would like with PUGs).

I have oranges in all my slots with good enough stats, but I really want those juicy reds, so I want to push into legend.

I've tried playing on legend on my own once or twice, and, while I do just fine, my bots end up getting annihilated. I've read a legendary bot guide or two and thing I have the setups I want for them, so I'm working on my own play. I've been practicing on champion taking less damage and dealing with the different enemies, and I think I'm doing ok, but I'd appreciate any tips in soloing legendary with bots.

Now, I've picked my favorite careers, but I'm wondering if I should switch my builds up a little too.

  • Saltzpyre: I love the Zealot. Axe and falchion lets me mow through hordes, and I'm familiar enough with its attack patterns to crush elites and specials, so I don't feel like there's a need to use anything else. I'm good enough at sniping with the crossbow but wonder if there's anything else I should use.

  • Kruber: I love the Mercenary too. Foot Knight doesn't have the punch I want and Huntsman feels too squishy, and Merc's career skill just feels too good to pass up. I mostly use executioner's sword/handgun, but I'm considering using the sword and mace or the halberd. No idea if I need to give the other ranged weapons a try.

  • Sienna: Crowbill's the only melee weapon I'm really comfortable with, and I like the versatility of the bolt staff. I've heard good things about Bright Wizard and Pyromancer, but I mainly stick to Unchained, though I could be convinced to try the other careers if it'll help as I pitch forward. I'm more attached to crowbill/bolt than any particular career.

  • Bardin: Now, I know people like Ranger Veteran with grudgeraker, but I just feel so naked not being able to snipe specials, and the class just feels lacking to me. I like the pickaxe quite a bit more than 2h hammer and 2h axe and tend to stick with it, though I like the drake guns when I play Ironbreaker. Still, Ironbreaker makes me feel like I lack the punch I need to deal with monsters, and I feel a lot more comfortable with Slayer with dual axes on standby for monsters. That said, I'd be happy making the switch with him to another career if that would help.

  • Kerillian: I was a Shade main for a lot of my trek up to level 30, but I'm starting to wonder if I should give the Waystalker another go. I like the glaive more than I like dual daggers, though nothing makes me happier than deleting a monster or chaos warrior with my Shade class skill. I also tend to favor the longbow, but I've heard hagbane might be better at legendary difficulty. Should I get more comfortable with the Waystalker, or should I double down on the Shade?

So, I have a vague idea what I like from each character, but I'm wondering if I should just double down on the Zealot while I'm learning to get better at the game or if I should focus on becoming more versatile and comfortable with at least one setup on each character.

Anyway, I know this is all a little vague, but any help would be greatly appreciated! If it makes a difference, I'm playing on PS4.

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