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Question for those having performance inssues in game.

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With all the threads showing up recently of people saying that they are having problems with performance I though it might be good for us get a comparison of what hardware people are running and see if maybe we can find a common factor or factors in their setups might help us to find what is causing the issue from a hardware standpoint, and it also might help fatshark out from a programming stand point of they see that its a certain type/brand/etc of hardware that is not playing well with the game. Be it EAC or something else.


  1. What GPU are you running (manufacturer as well might help ex gigabyte, sapphire etc) and is it overclocked? And have you updated the drivers recently?

  2. What CPU are you running and is it overclocked?

  3. Are you running from multiple hard drives? and what are they? SSD spinning hybrid and brand if you know.

  4. What brand and how much ram do you have? ddr3 or ddr4?

  5. If you have it open while you play what web browser are you using?

  6. Do you have anti virus software and what is it?

  7. What motherboard are you running?

  8. What operating system are you running?

Im not personally having any problems running the game right now I have everything set as "on" or on high or medium aside from stuff like motion blur which annoys me. and I have an I7 6700k and an amd 380x from XFX Frame rate is capped at 60 and will drop down to mid 40s during big hordes.

If any of you guys can think of other software/hardware that would be good to add to this list let me know and ill add it to the questions.

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