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Questions (and hopefully discussion) about Handmaiden weapons

warhammer 4 - Questions (and hopefully discussion) about Handmaiden weapons

I'd like to talk about HM weapons and get some input. I'm getting into legend more frequently, and want to have some options to meet the team's needs. Might get into something like this for a couple of other classes if this promotes decent discussion.

My most played character, and only black skin, is waystalker. I use longbow and dual swords for her, so those are kind of the basis of comparison for me.

HM can use any of the elf weapons, but as a primary melee I need something that can deal with any situation at least reasonably well. Dual swords are great on the WS because I only ever use em to clean up horde that got too close. If I get a SV in there though, I'm trying to back up a step and pop it with the bow.

Axe and Dual Daggers both hurt in reach and cleave. This may not be an issue for better players, but gets me hit a LOT more often. Dual Swords are great for horde… but that armor damage… I'm open to discussion on any of these, but kind of counting them out unless something major comes up.

Sword really surprised me.

  • Better damage than I expected, especially on armor.

  • The unlimited dodges didn't seem like they mattered much, but it was a nice-to-have. The 25% distance is nice.

  • Reach isn't the best, and I took more damage than usual because of it, but it's not awful either – I think I could learn to make it work.

  • Didn't seem to have a TON of stagger, but best cleave of any of the elf's weapons (tied with greatsword and spear's slash attacks.)

  • Felt good to use.

  • More practice would likely make it perform even better.

  • Is this really as low key good as I'm thinking? I know ThePartyKnife was super surprised by it in his last couple of weapon ranking videos as well.

  • Is it worth the time/effort to focus on?

Greatsword didn't impress me.

  • The numbers in armory suggest it should be easily putting out more horde damage than the sword.

  • Attack angles make headshots super hard – and that seems to more than offset the higher base damage.

  • Shame, cuz I like some of the skins for it – but not enough to play a weapon that I'm not getting performance out of.

  • Is this really just a mediocre weapon? I hardly ever see anyone using it.

Spear seems to be my most reliable option for mixing damage and defense so far.

  • HM has the stamina to put a LOT of push attacks into the rotation.

  • Push attack, light, light loop gets two high-cleave sweeps in three attacks which is pretty decent for clearing horde – and HM has the stamina to keep it rolling.

  • With the reach & frequent pushes I can avoid a lot of hits I'd be taking with shorter weapons.

  • Armor damage isn't great, but the headshot bonus is pretty solid, and H2 is super easy to land being a stab.

  • Is this the jack of all trades, master of none that I'm seeing it as so far?

Glaive had really good damage when I tried it.

  • Super easy to use.

  • Has impressive ability to deal with armor, and cleans up horde nicely.

  • Between the reach and speed I wound up taking a lot of damage.

  • Is this a higher-risk higher-reward version of the spear?

Spear & Shield… I really want to like this one.

  • I just can't seem to get anything approaching decent damage output from it.

  • Provides team utility with almost limitless shoves.

  • I take less damage using it than most other weapons.

  • The whole 'blocks half your screen' thing isn't awesome.

  • How much is my taking reduced damage worth? Resources are limited after all, but many of my routine team mates don't need them so if I'm not drinking some will sit unused. This is obviously not the case in Quick Play. Does that change the value?

  • Does the team utility & bonus stagger damage offset my low personal damage?

  • If so, what is the advantage versus an IB, Merc, or FK with a shielded weapon?

Sword and Dagger is a really mixed bag.

  • I know they're meant to be a compromise between dual swords & dual daggers.

  • Light attacks put out more damage, and more quickly, than sword.

  • Not as much as dual swords, and with slightly less range (and substantially less on the dagger strikes).

  • Trades for wildly increased armor damage.

  • I have a hard time landing both weapons on the head sometimes – which can leave just the single sword ahead.

  • Good way to regularly hit head consistently with both weapons?

Longbow has been my default.

  • Gives me the ability to take a step back and drop a special if our ranged specialist is down or getting overwhelmed.

  • High ammo efficiency and low use usually keeps me able to fire when needed.

Hagbane has been good sometimes.

  • Mostly with spear & shield for crowd control or monster damage.

  • Without ammo sustain it can be rough.

Swiftbow is in the same written off category as some of the melee weapons.

  • I didn't care for it on WS.

  • Can't see it being better without the extra damage from bleed or ammo sustain.

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