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Quick Advanced Boss Tanking Guide (Rat Ogres and Chaos Spawns)

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You can sorta tank Bile Trolls and Stormfiends, but it is much more annoying/inconsistent and requires a big dodge weapon or dodge buff and usually just involves circle-strafing/dodging around the monster while smacking them.

But tanking Rat Ogres and Chaos Spawns is a lot cooler and fun and you feel and look like a total badass when you do it correctly.

ROs and CSs follow roughly the same attack patterns. They have the 1-2-3 combo while charging a player, usually followed up by a heavy pound or grab/slap. Right after each attack sequence, there is a brief window where they will switch/keep agro on whomever was the nearest person to hit them in this window.

What this means is that if you're a Pyromancer, for example, and took agro somehow, Rat Ogre is slapping you around, and you want to lose agro, then you need to just stop attacking it completely, especially during its intervals between attacks, until a teammate gets some good melee attacks on it and draws the agro off you, allowing you to go back to melting it with laser beams from afar.

If you're a melee trying to draw agro of the boss to tank it, you need to get in close and hit on it with some heavy attacks. When the boss turns to face you get prepared to do the following:

  1. Block/dodge away from the boss' 1-2-3 combo, ideally backing up in a circle instead of a straight line, so that you aren't dragging the boss away from other teammate's attacks and they don't have to chase after you and you don't also agro trash further down the map.

  2. When the boss completes the 1-2-3 combo, you have a brief window to land a heavy attack right on its head, Slayer's dual axe push-attack is incredible for this as it has a lot of forward mobility.

  3. After you land the hit you need to dodge back almost immediately, as the boss will then try to do its overhead smash or grab & chomp on you.

  4. After the boss does his single power attack, you again have a brief window to land another heavy attack on its head, and if you time/position yourself right, you can actually control the boss' behavior to keep him stationary and looping that power attack over and over trying to smash you as you dodge in and out, hitting him each time.

  5. If you're slightly out of position, the boss will stop looping the power attack and will go back to his 1-2-3 combo again, which will be followed up with a power attack and you can just rinse and repeat.

  6. If you don't land solid attacks on the boss between his own attacks, then he'll likely switch agro to whoever did hit him during that window. (And if that's you, Sienna, then your best bet is to try and safely run the boss back over to your melee tank so they can draw agro again, not run around in a panic so the melee has to chase the boss through half the map.)

A lot of boss encounters last way longer than they should, usually because 2 ranged keep ping ponging the boss back and forth while melee chases the boss around in futility only ever landing a few hits before being slapped to the other side of the map and having to chase it down again.

But a good tank will be able to control the boss' position and still deal solid damage, as long as his dodges are on point and he has stamina.

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