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Quick and Easy Speedrunning – Against the Grain w/ Books 6:20

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Against the Grain – Legend Solo with books


Most of us count hours played as a measurement of the drops we think we deserve. But how do you spend those hours? 30-40 minutes in a Legend pug that fails a solid percentage of the time or solo running that produces a vault every 8 minutes? Sure, a Troll or Stormvermin will block you and kill the run, but that's only 2-4 minutes into the run. You can fail 3 times in a half hour and still walk away with 3 vaults compared to a full groups 1 or none.

Speedrunning gives you 3-4 times the runs on a consistent basis and you get to pull that slot machine handle far more often than you would doing grouped runs.

Now, I'm not saying don't group. I'm just saying there are other ways to fill that gap. So when you group, you can just enjoy the game for what it is, rather than concern yourself with the loot. This can have several benefits to your overall experience with VT2. Besides gaining more loot overall faster than you would otherwise, your chances at obtaining a red go up significantly. You have more green dust to roll stats on. You have a gamemode that doesn't eat up 30 minutes of your time, so you can get a quick game in on a break or w/e.


I am all for preserving the idea of experiencing the game as it was intended. You can still do that. But remove the anxiety of only getting 1 chest every 30 minutes, or even 1 in an hour because of failed runs. How much more enjoyment are you going to get out of just playing the game with your group when you don't have to worry about getting a vault. Sure, it's nice to get that fat Emperor's Vault, but how much stress and frustration do you apply to yourself during the runs to obtain it? How do you behave after getting wiped time after time with no payout? If you have no trouble with groups and completing maps, I am not talking to you here.

So, for those of you with limited time or not that many reds yet and a desire to make things more enjoyable, consider taking up speedrunning. You might even break a few records. What the hell, give it a shot.

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