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Quick guide for Slayer mains wanting to break into legend from champ.

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Hi guys, I am a huge V2 fan and have been playing Bardin as my main since launch. Slayer is by far my favorite class and I have over 200 hours on him alone in Legend. I am +100 levels and have all his okri missions complete. I am not a speed runner or elitist, I play alone and let quickmatch find my teammates. I normally have fun, even on a loss.

Why are dual axes so good you ask? Well 2 is better than 1. Always. Also the push-stab combo does the same amount of damage as a heavy swing! I bold this because when I play shade/zealot I see slayers using the heavy attack even when I know they have stam. So rolling 2 stam on your axes is essential.

some breakpoints. 20% to skaven/armored will let you head shot SV on legend. 30% to chaos/armored will let you 3 shot armored kazaki'dum (plate mail chaos wars).

dual axes: stam is a must. next you want either skaven/chaos or crit. Crit is good vs everything so if you play quickplay its not a bad thing to have. I feel like swiftslaying on dual axes is overkill since your career skill is up so much. I got for resourcful combatant on dual axes.


offhand: this is preference but I recommend starting out on legend that you use 1h hammer with block reductions/stam and swift slaying. Block reductions is superior here because you already have so many stamina bars.It is very forgiving and the push attack will knock everything the fu*k down and is really fast. When you pop your career skill you can attack so fast nothing will have time to hit you. I bounce around between 1hammer/great axe and pick. The great axe has the most killing potential vs hordes, the pick is great too because its light attacks are for horde clearing (it swings horizontally on light swings). I do not recommend the 2h hammer because you have to be great with timing the heavy swings to control hordes, also, I hate it.

necklace: 2stam/health – dupe healing or 30% more. You are the grim holder most the time in legend but this is preference if you want to roll the dice to have 2 heals or one guaranteed 30% larger heal.

charm: chaos/armored. This is just a great combo. I like concoction on it for boss killing but you typically are the grim holder so its again, your preference.

trinket: easy one ere, curse res/crit. IF you dont have a red and low on mats curse resist/movespeed/stam recovery/low crit. DO NOT EVER TAKE RESPAWN SPEED if you die, your group is not close behind, you are the slayer after all.

hope this helps, feel free to ask questions or downvote me =)

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