Warhammer: Vermintide

Quick guide to my favorite weapon: Bardin’s Great Axe.

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I love this axe. Since the last buff to it, it has slowly replaced all melee weapon's for Bardin's career. It took me a while to get used to but now I am an unstoppable killing machine.

Why use axe over the hammers? It leaves none alive. No more having to hit mobs in a horde twice. This one shots all low tier units, 2 at a time with no +infantry. With +infantry you can one shot chaos maulers with a crit headshot. Stragglers can fu*k up a legend run, I got sick of just knocking shit down only to get hit in the side back them later.

Main reason why to use 2h axe: ITS GOOD VS ALL MOBS/BOSSES. Every attack damages. You can stagger all non boss mobs with a heavy hit. It also seems to crit more and keep swift slaying up more than any other non axe weapon for bardin.

Trait: swift slaying obviously Stats: Crit and your preference, I use attack speed. I have stam on my necklace and think its overkill to use it on weapon as well for bardin.

As you charge your heavy attack, slowly back up and before you release start moving forward, start backing up for your follow up and again move forward right before connecting. Timing is everything vs hordes with this weapon. You can easily hold a choke solo with this great rat killing axe, it does insane cleave damage and can down 3 rats at once on legend. I rarely have to use the dodge function when fighting a predictable horde.


PUSH ATTACK: so this is really the worst part of the axe and takes a while to get used to. When you push enemies they will be forced out of range of your next attack, so you have to walk forward. So push while holding down "w" and attack. Push attack one shots all low tier mobs and can damage up to 2. Its great to use in combo with your ult when fighting a patrol as well.

2 heavy shots kill SV.

Vs shielded SV spam light attack, normally takes me 4 direct hits to kill.

VS maulers: heavy hits stagger the fu*k out of them so kill how you like, I initiate ALL attacks starting with a time heavy swing. You can even stagger rot helms.

Kind of a wack guide but I love this weapon and when I play Kruber/elf I never see other Bardin's using. Let me know if you have any questions.

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