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Quick Legend breakpoints

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Here are some quick breakpoints to use when evaluating weapons for Legend. They are sorted in acceding order. Read the first line as "8 damage lets you kill chaos zombies in 2 hits". If you're unfamiliar with how enemy hp categories work in Vermintide, see the appendix at the end.

Infantry (aka unarmored) breakpoints

Damage Enemy Enemy
8 damage -> 2x chaos zombies (aka fanatics) <7.5 will 1 hit slave rats, 2 hit clan rats>
13 damage -> 3x chaos commons (aka marauders)
15 damage -> 1x clan rats 6x chaos maulers (aka unarmored axe wielders)
18 damage -> 1x chaos zombies 5x chaos maulers
19.5 damage -> 2x chaos common
22.5 damage -> 4x chaos mauler

Armor (Stormvermin but not Rothelms) breakpoints

Damage Enemy
8 damage -> 5x Storms
9.75 damage -> 4x Storms
13 damage -> 3x Storms
19.5 damage -> 2x Storms

How to check if a weapon reaches a breakpoint

Assuming you have no +vs Skaven on your equipment, whack the dummies in the keep to check which breakpoints various attacks can reach.


15 and 18 are good breakpoints to target that most popular weapons can reach. Other than specials and storms there are no skaven related breakpoints after 15 unarmored damage. This is why power vs chaos is generally preferred.


The 19.5 damage breakpoint to 2x chaos commons is great, but most weapons won't be able to reach it without Power vs chaos on multiple equipment (or power from talents if the career has any).

Weapons bellow 7.5 damage usually aren't worth using as they will take 2 hits to kill skaven slaves and 3 to kill clan rats/zombies.

Rothelm damage is usually similar to your armor damage, but slightly lower. Power vs Armor doesn't apply to Rothelms but power vs chaos does.

Appendix: Enemy hp categories

In Vermintide every enemy has an hp number and category. Every weapon attack has a list of damage it does to each category. The categories are:

HP Category Enemies
Infantry (aka unarmored): Slaves and Commons (of both races), Chaos unarmored axemen, specials: Assassins, Gas, both chaos sorcerers
Armored: Stormvermin, specials: Gunners, Flamers
Monster (aka resilient): Packmasters, all 4 bosses (Rat Ogres, Bile Trolls, Spawns, Storm fiend)
Super Armor: Rothelms
Bezerker: Plague Monks & Bezerkers

So a 1h Axe's first light attack could do (example numbers):

HP Category Damage
Inf: 10
Arm: 8
Mon: 15
SupArm: 6
Bez: 10

When you hit the dummies in the keep you can see your damage to Infantry and Armor categories, but it is not currently possible to easily see your damage to the other categories. That is why the quick breakpoints don't talk about enemies not in those two categories.

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