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Quick tips for bosses

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After reading a post about someone having difficulties with bosses I thought i'd give a few easy tips to help with that. These tips are more for beginner legendary players or below. Most advanced players know these things I assume, if I missed anything feel free to add!

Chaos Spawn: He has a 3 part attack which is what he mostly chases with, and also an unblockable stomp move. Essentially you always need to be dodging backwards or running with block up. He obviously can grab you, dodge to the LEFT because thats opposite the direction he will be swinging. If you dodge backwards sometimes he can still grab you. Kite effectively and good luck.

Rat Ogre: In my opinion this is by far the easiest boss. He is fairly easy to kite, he has similar movement patterns to chaos spawn in which he has a 3 part attack and an unblockable move. You can however use what i'm assuming is a bug to kill rat ogre easily. If you walk up close to him in front of him you can dash back and he will slam the ground with an unblockable. If you run back up to him and repeat, he will keep doing this for some time allowing you to get in a smooth rhythm and also allowing your teammates to dps a stationary rat boi.


Stormfiend: This boss is fairly easy probably the 2nd most easy in my opinion depending on the landscape. The only thing is his flamethrower essentially one shots you on legendary but other than that you're golden. What you REALLY have to watch out for, is his random 180 turn aggro hits. Just always be anticipating him to turn and either melee or fire you if you are close proximity to him and hitting the controller. Other than that his flame is very easy to side step and so is his charge up move. You can also kite him in a horde and use his flames to kill the hordes.

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Bile Troll: This is probably the hardest boss in terms of what makes a team wipe, mechanically it is very easy, and in my opinion on par with rat ogre and stormfiend. Usually the big bummer with this boss is when you only have 1-2 people left the health regen makes it damn near impossible to kill unless you have big dps classes. The major key for this fight is WATCH HIS ARMS before he strikes, dodge opposite to whatever arm is swinging. If space is tight, you can still get away with dodging the same side his arm is swinging but its a much tighter window. Just dodge opposite and make sure to dodge the throw up. If you or a teammate gets thrown up on, be sure to mark the troll so they can still see it while covered. Also, if you have the 1.0 ammo return on headshot when he goes down you can unload on him (highly comical watching saltspyre pop off with the repeater until the troll stands up).

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