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Quit ruining melee weapons

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Repeat after me: "This is a melee focused game."

If that statement is not meant to be a joke, then let's stop shitting up all the melee weapons. If there is some exploit that made them top tier options, That's perfect. You want that over people just spamming ranged weapons and shutting melee players, who will actually go out of their way to use melee weapons because they think they are "fun," out of the game.

At this point, You are pretty dumb for using any melee weapon on Kruber besides the 2h hammer or the Halberd. Anything the other weapon options (on Kruber) do, these two do better. Even on Legend. But, both of these options (regardless of class and gear) feel shitty compared to ranged focused classes like Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunter gets free crits, near unlimited ammo, and have the upside of never having to get into scuffles with rats directly. Just point and shoot.


So Fatshark, you are telling me this is a melee focused game, but all the best options are ranged. Also, the melee options basically funnel down to 1, maybe 2 options. What's up with that? Surely, this is a product of some people watching "metrics" and that shit kills games. Please stop. Take your tester's anecdotes and player feedback seriously. People who are passionate about your game are constantly posting videos here of what's cool and fun. Also, what's degenerate and unfun. We aren't even making you look for it on Youtube. It's all here. Please start listening.

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