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Ranald’s importance in getting high quality loot is too high

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Title says it. Usually gives from a tiny bit, to like 25% maybe. Uncommonly half a bar. Yesterday I had a game where he gave two whole levels of a box. That's unreasonably random.

Meanwhile Tomes are about half each, though it feels inexact, and Grims are one level. That's fair. Dices? 1/4. Dices are so meaningless they're not even exciting in most cases and at best help mitigate the infamous middle finger.

I think with three books and two grims, we should get a minimum 75% chance at emperor's, and a guarantee on boss maps, since they're more risky and often take longer. Though maybe first change "instakill everything in wall" into "relocate targets beyond boundaries", so people won't exploit the bonus the instant it's introduced.

Keep in mind that everything regarding chest quality shouldn't involve the quickplay bonus. It shouldn't be expected that players in a coop game will play with random people. Whatever would be perceived as a fair and reliable ratio should only then get the quickplay bonus on top of itself, and it should be needless in the long run.

Obviously this is a minor piece of feedback given the game's current state and much more pressing matters, like half the damage calculation not working at all, but it should be kept in mind. Randal is currently irritating rather than exciting. I think his minimal bonus should be capped on at least 50%, with up to 1 bar total if you're lucky. That way getting a dice would feel like something.

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