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Random Maps are Possible and Necessary

warhammer 4 - Random Maps are Possible and Necessary

Random generated map isn't possible, they need to manually put all spawn points and every climb up and down spots for enemies . Can you even imagine the number of bugs that would create? You'd probably find a way to get stuck on the decor every match. That or the map generated would have to be pretty much empty to alleviate that issue.

This common misconception is entirely outdated and wrong. Procedural Map Generation can create not only playable maps with complex systems, but also sufficiently detailed ones and avoid bugs / problems when sound methods are used.

Successful examples:

  1. Path of Exile "played forever" presentation, TS: 30:21
    pM 5S55jUzk?t=1821 - Random Maps are Possible and Necessaryhttps://youtu.be/pM_5S55jUzk?t=1821 – The procedural generator creates the map out of modular blocks of terrain, with randomized monster spawns and various "wind" like modifiers and events. After initial implementation, new layers could be added with each expansion, making old terrain repayable with new features. For graphical variety – each terrain gets at least two modes (desert/snow, day/night, heaven/hell etc).

  2. Deep Rock Galactic:
    https://youtu.be/cDcoMdHYdQg (alpha footage, game is released with this system fully functional). Release gameplay trailer:

    – Note that while the maps are graphically simple – there are obstacle spawns, including trees and vines that obscure vision, objectives that interact with players. The graphics look simpler because they are designed to be destroyed and dug through, creating a lot of visual complexity during long firefights.

  3. Diablo 3 procedural map generation using modular designs: https://youtu.be/tUFvhDOPA_w – this is actually the type of implementation I think is the most realistic for Vermintide 2 – the modules could sit on a square grid, with simple seams, allowing for easy spawns and pathing. This isn't as spectacular visually, but still adds great replay value and can be further enhanced in the future.

Three different games, three variations on the technology. Two of these games are made by smaller Indy developers. This is not trivial, but very feasible to implement, and has a huge payoff.

Just like textures can be tiled using specific methods to ensure you don't see the seems, so can map modules and object spawns be designed in ways that avoid problems. The maps will NOT be as pretty, and will not tell as compelling of a story as the ones created by Fatshark, but they will have the key advantage of being fresh every time you load up! Both types of maps can coexist in the game!

This is the type of expansion players want in Vermintide 2 – one that ADVANCES the Procedural generated aspects of it, instead of shrinking them! AI Director was not a bug, it is a CORE FEATURE and it's abandonment in favor of fixed spawns is a step back for the game.

Edit: Themes:

Vermintide has thematic support for procedural maps: Warhammer has descriptions of the Chaos Realms, Chaotic Rifts and Invasions. Commando teams lead by an Inquisitor and powered by heroic magical relics would be a natural answer to such situations – by killing the Chaos Boss, a rift tied to their invasion can be closed.

Edit: My main suggestion is to simply have Faith and promote this type of expansion of the game, while complaining about any further setbacks towards "fixed spawns". We have to purchase DLC's to support further development – but those purchases can be delayed to smooth out the income spikes, and amplify the message that we aren't satisfied with this regressive design direction.

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