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Ranged weapon damage fall off is a bad mechanic for Vermintide

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I haven't seen anyone else talk about this, so I thought I'd make a thread about it. I wouldn't blame someone if they didn't know it was a thing because it wasn't in the first game, it's never explained to the player and only ever mentioned in some of the careers' descriptions, yet it makes a pretty big impact.

In case you didn't know, in Vermintide 2 ranged weapon damage will 'drop off' over distance (unless playing as waystalker or huntsman), which can mean that handgun/crossbow/longbow headshot on a stormvermin or other special which would usually kill them, will now leave them alive and in some cases such as on the repeater pistol, shots that would penetrate and do damage to armoured targets no longer do so.


This is a problem in a game like Vermintide 2 where ammo and accuracy is already low, so to be punished further for making a long shot makes no sense. It also hurts loadout variety imo, since I would ask myself "why would I use this crossbow/longbow etc as a non-ranged career when I can't even use it for its purpose effectively?". Speaking of, if this has to be a feature, then why is it that only 2 of the ranged careers have no damage drop off? If I want to play bounty hunter or veteran ranger, then weapons like the crossbow and handgun will often fail to do their purpose since they're not doing full damage at range.

Lastly, it feels really out of place; Vermintide isn't an FPS series, so why should it have FPS-like mechanics that don't really add anything to the gameplay?

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