Warhammer: Vermintide

Ranged Weapon Friendly Fire (Not Bombs/Barrels) serves no positive gameplay purpose.

warhammer 8 - Ranged Weapon Friendly Fire (Not Bombs/Barrels) serves no positive gameplay purpose.

Its existence creates toxicity among the playerbase for no benefit. It should be removed.

Its already been nerfed once, from 25%/50% Champ/Legend to 10%/25%. The game isn't 'harder' because it exists. The damage is often inconsequential instead only serving to annoy and anger your teammates.

Except for the occasional stray Career Skill, the damage done isn't going to make or break any fight in the game. It instead chips at Temp health and blurs ranged vision.

Ideally players on both sides of the ranged/melee equation would adapt magnanimously to reduce or eliminate FF, displaying team based positioning tactics. But when the game is Peer to Peer and has such a poor reporting and punishment system. . there is very little to reign in the Anonymous tendency to do whatever the hell you want.


I don't believe it makes the game more fun, or more realistic. The damage isn't very high, realism would demand melee weapons have some FF damage themselves, or staggering mechanism (like MHW does).

The game would feel and play the same without it and bomb/barrel FF would still exist. Damage from those is significant, easier to avoid, and a more punishing tactical decision when done poorly. Not a bunch of individually pointless stray hits.

With this Big Beta patch going on, I say try it Fatshark. You are already attempting to solve the other problem of ranged domination (melee characters have nothing to do during hordes), remove FF and make the game more enjoyable to play for more people, whatever weapon they prefer.


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