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Ranger bardin – Thoughts on Pickaxe/2h Hammer on Legend? Current status and pros and Cons generally for Low Dodge Weapons?

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I mainly play Ranger Bardin/with a little IB on the side. I wanted to see what peoples thoughts were on the current status of the Pickaxe/2h hammer on Legend. Here are some of my initial thoughts and def would want to hear of interesting new techniques from low dodge melee weapon users or advice from people who would never use them and why.

I. Dodge Count/Distance

At a Dodge count of 1, with a range of 0.9, a pickaxe is only slightly better than the 2h Hammer in terms of dodging (count1, range 0.85). Is this small dodge viable on legend whether talking about the Pick or even 2h hammer for a Ranger?

Common legend Hypothetical situations:

Hypo 1: You pulled aggro off the Chaos Spawn / Rat orge while your team is wailing on it – then a horde comes and you need to buy 30seconds for your team. Is a 1 dodge weapon sufficient here to kite successfully and consistently in your opinion? Because Ranger is not the best boss damager, i consider kiting to be an essential role for Rangers in legend. Equips – I usually take either the 3 dodge 1h hammer/axe and find these minibosses a piece of cake to avoid taking damage and lock them into standing attacks. with the 2 dodge axe, it is doable as well (less consistently) and G.Axe gives good boss damage to boot. But what is your experience with 1 dodge count, do you think this is viable? Alternatively, my ranged weapon is almost always the 3 dodge count Grudgeraker – but I'm really worried if i need to pull that out to kite bosses as it cannot block. Does anyone kite minis with a grudge or have vids of it? Is Grudge raker boss kiting a skill worth training?


Hypo 2: Your team has wiped/is occupied and you need to kite a small horde to the res spot (lets say you are on IB because as RV you will kite till ur ult is up then res). Is it possible to kite a small horde using side dodges, wide circle motion, + dodge jumps using a 1 dodge weapon like Pick/G.Hammer if you are in an average flat location without tons of environment jumps to help confuse AI OR do you give up this option by equipping a 1 dodge weapon? What are your thoughts on this in Legend? Alternatively, what are your thoughts of pulling out the grudge instead and dodging away but losing the ability to block (…prob a killer if there are enemies from in front unless u can gun them down in a blink). You can definitely grudge dodge a horde in wide open spaces like Against the Grain , but it would be intense to do in the Sigmar Bell level where u have sharp ramps and turns… In any case horde kiting is 100% doable with a 1h axe or hammer except in the most extreme cases, and horde kiting can be done a little with a 2dodge G.axe, but what about 1dodge weapons is it doable?

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