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warhammer 2 - Ranger Veteran discussion

Hi all. Relatively new player here. I play on console, and I have most characters 25+ and two 30+. I've recently started playing Bardin, because I've always played support in most MMO type games and was excited for a particular RV build. It's the build with bomb drops, 35% potion and bomb dupe, and heal share. There have been a couple issues. This is mostly for Champion and Legend. Vet is a non issue.

First is in a month of playing, I've never had anyone else with voice chat on. It's hard to communicate I have heal share or a supporty, type build. Second is I tend to support with elite sniping with crossbow and horde management with staggers and pushes with either dual hammer or axe/shield. Despite not taking much damage, feeling like I minimize potential mistakes with crowd control and almost infinite bombs, I do not get many green circles at the end of the game. I do respectable damage to bosses with barrage and ult with crossbow, but not as much as the many BH or Shades on console.


So last night, I got kicked from three lobbies after a game. I'm a pretty self critical person, who is always looking to play better. And I felt like I performed my role as a CC/support build optimally, but I feel like I got kicked because my total kills, monster damage, and damage done was low, despite having high ranged kills, top or second elite kills and almost always the most revives.

Is this something to expect? Is this build mostly useless, because ideally, players shouldn't need support, and safe damage is truly all the matters? Thoughts? Are support builds mostly unwelcome minus Merc ult? It's not a problem, but it is a bit of a bummer, because I think it's a pretty cool build.

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