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Ranger Veteran Talent Discussion – Last Resort

warhammer 6 - Ranger Veteran Talent Discussion – Last Resort

With FatShark taking more of an interest in balance with the BBB, I thought I would share my input on the Last Resort talent and why I think it is not a great talent from a design perspective.

First, let’s consider what Ranger Veteran specializes in. He generally fills a support role. Smoke bomb gives the ability to support downed teammates with ease and a great get out of jail free card to reposition. His passive gives ammo drops to keep the entire team and himself stocked on supplies. His Perks are generally ranged focused: increased ammo cap and reload speed. To me, RV is a huge benefit to the team. Tons of ammo drops, great ranged support, free revives with smoke bomb.

So now we look at the level 10 perks for RV. Master of Improv – “Reloading a weapon reduces the cooldown of disengage by 2 seconds.” This is a great talent and makes sense for RV. You have a shit ton of ammo so why not burn a bunch into a horde and drop that CD. Foe- Feller –“Increased attack speed by 5%. There isn’t much to say. It feels pretty lazy to me as a talent but a flat attack speed bonus is still a huge benefit. Finally, we arrive at Last Resort. Not only is this talent bad, but it makes absolutely no sense to appear in a RV talent tree.

Last Resort – “Bardin gains a 25% power increase when out of ammunition.” Why when every other aspect of RV’s character essentially guarantees that you and your team will never run out of ammo, does this talent even exist? I get the feeling that FS was trying to play on the survivalist aspect of the character. That essentially when all else fails you get a bit tougher or something.


Here is the problem. As aforementioned, RV should never not have ammo. Hell even on veteran or above there will be enough special kills to keep you topped off. On legend your whole team will be grinning with full ammo bags the entire mission especially with Grugni’s cunning on.

Even if we forget all of that and you decide to miss all the talents that boost ammo recovery. Is there ever an instance 25 % power increase would be better than having the ability to snipe a special and save a team member. No, there is not. This talent is setting up a last resort that simply doesn’t happen when you play RV, and there is absolutely no reason to force it to happen as being out of ammo is a death sentence for yourself and teammates.

I really hope FS takes a look at this because the talent is just so antithetical to RV as a class. Last Resort will and should just never be used especially when it shares a row with two much stronger abilities.

We have so many other talents like this in the game and I am sure people more experienced with other classes can point them out. I really want to see talents be more based on the uniqueness of the classes and add more flavor to the game.

Does anyone here use this talent? What do you guys think?

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