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Ranger Veteran v.s. Bosses?

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I have recently come to really enjoy RV, having an endless supply of bombs is a big help (and tons of fun) on Legend. My one main complaint is that I feel absolutely useless against bosses. Admittedly, I do mainly run the Grudgeraker and 1h Hammer, which I know neither are great against bosses, but even when using the Crossbow and Handgun I still felt like I was barely tickling them.

What is RV's best option here? Is the 2h Hammer any good against bosses now that its monster damage was buffed? Should I swap to potion drops rather than bomb drops and just juice up every time the music kicks in? Do I just have to suck it up and go back to the Crossbow to get anything resembling meaningful boss DPS and hope for some Grenadier procs?


I do love my RV to death, but it's just so disappointing coming back to him after finishing my Bounty Hunter and Hunstman Legend skins and either watching my teammates do all the work against bosses, or alternatively be matched up into a team that has no good boss damage and getting wiped by a poorly timed Chaos Spawn.

EDIT: As a side note, why does the Grudgeraker do so little monster damage? You'd think it would be the perfect anti-packmaster weapon, and you'd think stuffing the barrel into the mouth of a kneeling bile troll would do massive damage, but you'd be so very wrong. I can kinda see why the Blunderbuss does very little v.s. monsters, as a Huntsman could probably abuse that to great effect if it didn't, but the RV doesn't get nearly the same damage bump on anywhere near as fast of a cooldown as the Huntsman.

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