Warhammer: Vermintide

Ranger Veteran’s Level 10 Talents

warhammer 9 - Ranger Veteran's Level 10 Talents

I'm really liking the spot that RV is in, here in the beta. He was one of my favorites to play before the patch, but he always felt a bit too weak to bring into a mission over Slayer or even Ironbreaker. Thankfully, the BBB has made some great changes to him to make his utility contributions much stronger during a mission.


However, there's a big "but" coming:


RV's level 10 talents are among the most worthless choice of talents in the game.


"Last Resort" is too situational to be considered useful. Besides, when are you going to run out of ammo on a class that generates them, exactly?


"No Dawdling!" is a flat 5% movespeed. It's a pathetically low bonus that you'll never notice- outside of occasionally outpacing your teammates, which is NOT a good thing when you only have 100 base health.


"Curl up" is the only one that's even moderately helpful, but if you're in the position that you're pounced or grabbed and your teammates aren't there to immediately get your disabler off of you, you're probably in a really bad position, anyway.



I would like to see these talents thrown out and replaced with ones that can vary Bardin's build more. 5% crit chance seems obvious- being that he's meant to be a ranged support/dps- and it would mesh well with the crossbow's crit chance bonus on aiming down the sights. Extra dodge distance would make shielded weapons somewhat appealing on RV, since it would make up for the pathetic dodge distance that the shields inherently have. 25% extra health would help you out in melee, and make RV a bit safer in general- but unlike WHC, you'd have to dedicate a trait slot to it. You would have to make a choice.


These are just examples, of course- my main point is that I would like this tier of talents to be reworked. Thanks for reading.


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