Warhammer: Vermintide 1

Rant to the idiots that just kicked me

warhammer 1 - Rant to the idiots that just kicked me

Hey, sorry but I'm about to rant about some idiots who just kicked me.

So basically it went like this: Legend, Righteous Stand, we're fighting a horde at the 1st floor of the building of the 2nd grim. A wave mixed with ambiant plague monks is attacking from the front. I'm playing Unchained, so I use my conflagration staff behind the door to apply the 30% damage reduction debuff on these monks and hopefully clear a couple of slaves off the way. Lo and Behold, God's gift to gaming, the Zealot player that I hadn't seen in there, goes down. Mind you, he doesn't die, we quickly rescue him and that's that. Now with most players that would have ended there, but it didn't, instead, it sparked the following "discussion" over the chat:

  • Zealot: Random insult about idiots and unnecessary friendly fire.
  • Z: Whoever killed me must have seen me and that was completely unnecessary.
  • Me: Sorry, I didn't see you.
  • Z: Then you're an idiot.
  • Me: Hey, maybe if you're sitting at 1hp in the middle of a horde mixed with plague monks, don't blame the litteral 3hp of friendly fire when you go down.
  • Z: That's my role as a Zealot.
  • Me: You know you can have white health yeah? (we had just left a zone full of elites)
  • Z: Jee, why didn't I think of that?
  • Z: You shoud just accept your mistake.
  • Me: Jesus, how toxic can you be."

By that time we've reached the bell and I'm kicked a couple of seconds after writing that. Sorry for owning my mistake but still calling your bullshit!

So, here goes:

  1. If you start at 180hp, you only need to go down to 30 green health to get all your stacks, not 1. Shit can happen, and many time you'll go down to 1, fair enough.
  2. If you are at 1hp and you don't have your cheat death passive ready, don't be in the middle of a horde. ANYTHING can kill you then, even 1 bullet from a rattling gunner, even a couple of seconds of a hook rat, anything. Play defensively like you would any class until you can either regen some life or get your passive back. In our situation, like the 3 others of the group, stay behind the door that is a natural chokepoint.
  3. Just because you're playing Zealot does not mean you are Jesus incarnate. You still have to abide by the same rules. The game will kill you if you keep taking hits.
  4. If something goes slightly wrong, accept it and move on instead of trying to find someone to blame for what could potentially be your mistake (we share the blame here: my conflagration was not necessary, but neither was you being out there in the open instead of being safe inside with the rest of the group). Especially if that mistake did not cost either the run, nor a book. It couldn't have costed a book anyway because you could not do the puzzle jumps. Seriously, you only went down for a few seconds. Why do you have to be mad?
  5. If your small ego can't handle being called out on being toxic/making mistakes, don't start insulting people.
  6. To the two others who votekicked along Z: If your friend is starting to votekick someone even though they are being irrational, it is also part of being a good friend to tell them that they are overreacting and they should follow their own advice and move on. At least you didn't wait until the portal was open. Thanks for that, I guess. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for coming to my TED talk and have a good day!

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    Oct 14, 2020 11:29 am

    Even though friendly fire in this game is a joke, you should learn to aim better. You are given a cross hair in the center of your screen plus your conflagration staff shows a visible AoE circle on the ground which is supposed to make it easier to avoid hitting allies. Don’t blame the Zealot because of how Fatshark designed that career. Blame yourself for not knowing how to aim properly.

    Sincerely yours,

    A Sienna who has never hit her teammates

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