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Rat slayers of Helmgart, your help is needed to determine and refine drop chances!

warhammer 1 - Rat slayers of Helmgart, your help is needed to determine and refine drop chances!

TL;DR: Open your chests – post how many reds you get.

Once upon a time, a game called Warhammer: Vermintide 2 was made. As development progressed, an insidious RNG loot system found its way in and quietly remained, making the game its home. On the fated day of march 8, 2018, the game would be freed from the shackles of development and released in the wild lands of Steam. Soon enough, Steamlets – the inhabitants of the lands of Steam – converged towards that curious game and, like an eager child finding a new toy, made it their own within the first sparkle of the eye. But little did they know: they were not alone, for the quiet loot system was dwelling within the the game. Then, they encountered it. It was proudly standing in the middle of the Keep's main tower, eyeing its future preys with the geometric shapes of its seductive golden ornaments. As time passed, the foolish Steamlets would soon start sacrificing their earnings to it, taking it for a deity that would bring them good luck and riches. But such was not its nature: in truth, it was no other than a daemon of misfortune and gluttony. Passively, it collected the fruits of its seduction and would even play a soothing melody as it feasted on the hard work of its newfound followers with no regard for the time invested in the acquisition of their offerings. Yet the prospect of its favor was beyond alluring for the Steamlets. As time passed, some of them started questioning the benefits of the divine presence and went on a pilgrimage to find the truth, but found nothing but lies and deception. Most accepted the fate passed onto them by their ancestors and, to this date, the steamlets are still the ever-unsatisfied slaves of the gluttonous daemon, bringing offerings to its shrine every day.

Anyway, screw that daemon, it's way past the time to forcibly rip out the truth from behind the offerings. Thankfully, a solid data set was already gathered by u/Streamys, u/TopVT2LegendPlayer and many others. I have synthesized all that data (and excluded outdated data) in the following table, which will continue to be updated here.

The first part lists all gathered data. Each x number is followed by (A) amount of chests used to find the data. The second part is the chance of each trial's success per item. The last is the chance for each trial to succeed once in a given chest (out of 3 trials). The columns with red background have insufficient data and the orange ones are in-between.

To get numbers as close as possible to the ones set by Fatshark, thousands of trials are required. The table above already has decent numbers for Emperor's vaults and Commendation chests, but the rest leaves much to be desired or is nigh non-existant. As such, I'm asking you, the community, to help out in this endeavor. There are multiple ways you can go about this if you want to help:


• Those with dozens (every little bit counts!), hundreds or thousands of chests to dust off can track the results on a spreadsheet, a piece of paper, an AHK script – or whatever, really – and post them in the replies. Here, we're mostly looking for statistics concerning veteran items (reds) and deeds for chests with less than 1000 trials ran on them. That said, trackings for other rarities (if we have enough they'll be used for the wiki) are also welcomed and so are trackings for chests with numbers that are already pretty solid and even chests that aren't listed in the table (all Recruit Strongboxes, Veteran Coffers and Champion Chests) if you've got them.

• Those without chests readily available can stockpile and postpone trackings to a later date or slowly update a spreadsheet every opening (not recommended, it's quite tedious);

• Those who are sure that they haven't bought any hat in the Emporium that can also be dropped from Commendation chests (or who remember which ones and can exclude them) can count the number of Commendation hats they currently own (which you can find here if you're not sure which ones I'm talking about) and put them in relation to their opened Commendation chests by simply counting all their character levels + overlevels – 5 + all Commendation chests gotten from Okri's Challenges. In case you don't want to count the hats yourself and are sure the former condition about the ones potentially bought in Lohner's Emporium is fulfilled (none or known and disclosed), you can also a send series of uncropped screenshots (I also need to see levels) of your hat inventory tab in all 15 careers; but you'll still have to count Commendation chests from Okri's Challenges yourself. In the case of Battle Wizard, I'll need specifics over whether you have Regal Torchgate or Adept's Torchgate (no need to specify if you have both). That being said, we already have solid numbers for Commendation chest hats.

Thanks for reading and possibly contributing!

Note: the reasoning behind pooling the results and not automating (then distributing the app for general use) is that a direct non-mod (it has to work on the official realm) hook would end up hazardous because of EAC, and bypassing the infamous anti-cheat would be against the EULA. OCR is an alternative, but it's far too complicated for my peabrain. There could be other options I haven't considered.

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