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REALLY wanna talk about Stealth, Huntsman Kruber and how neat single-score stats are [+A glitch]

maxresdefault 1024x576 - REALLY wanna talk about Stealth, Huntsman Kruber and how neat single-score stats are [+A glitch]

So, let me just make this brief.

  • Stealth feels extremely useless when you first start, but becomes ridiculously powerful the more you look into it. Bardin's Stealth on his start seems "Meh" but it legit makes you invisible as long as you are in the cloud, meaning that you may not be able to leave a small area, but you can legit just spam from cover. Kruber in Huntsman gains a stealth that vanishes after the first shot, but every single shot does red crit, meaning that you can take your time with the bow, line up a right-click headshot and deal tons of red damage, as well as every headshot doing far more, same with bodyshots. Stand INSIDE of bosses as Bardin, or get one good shot and take a large chunk off!

  • Huntsman Kruber has a beret, that's cool.

  • You can stack different guns on Huntsman Kruber, but his unique bow is really quite something else. Rightclicking mid air gives you SLIGHTLY more movement, allowing you to quickly dispatch BIG targets without standing still for too long, while left clicks can consistently land headshots up closer AND at a distance without penalty. You can spam into a herd of rats and just get constant headshots so you never really, truly miss a shot. Decreasing the spread of the bow also removes the accuracy, sniper mode of the bow essentially, since you won't need to scope in to have basically max accuracy. If you get good enough at it you can go entire missions only resorting to melee to block which is quite spectacular

  • As a side note, Huntsman looks JUST disheveled enough while also maintaining some military stuff, such as the breast plate.

And finally, my opinion on single score stats is that it is super nice.

  • You don't have to replace weapons often, and you can even start replacing greens with whites of a higher score since upgrading weapons takes far less resources. You don't HAVE to upgrade either, as the bonuses aren't so good you are dumb not to have like VT1. It feels nice not having to worry about what COLOR my shield is, since the power rating of 60 is just worse than that of 80 and what have you.

  • Trinkets and all other misc slots don't do a whole bunch other than what they used too, at least from what I've seen. What's nice is that they function the same and give you base power upgrades so if you are lacking a decent gun you won't get punished as hard since you have a great trinket.

  • Uprgrading and rerolling is still present, but thanks to the baseline power of weapons you won't feel as pressured to do so, same with weapon grinding being far easier thanks to 3 rewards per level instead of a CHANCE at 1 you may and you usually got jack shit ala VT1.

  • Sucks you can't see what makes or breaks power levels, but I find it to be nicer as a whole to not have a block of text. A hammer is a hammer, just ones you get will sometimes have a higher power level than the ones you have, etc.

-Huntsman Bow + Accuracy Trait Glitch-

As covered up above the bow with the accuracy trait makes the bow reset it's accuracy when starting the right click, despite the final accuracy in that mode being equal to the one before you start rightclicking. Lets say the Accuracy you get with a full right click is 90, and with the trait you also have a 90 accuracy hipfire, the game is at 90 when not rightclicking, then when you press rightclick the accuracy drops from 90 to say 70 and then climbs gradually back to 90, despite the accuracy being the same in both modes.

  • Not really a glitch, but yes, you can jump while Rightclicking which isn't inherently bad, but kinda removes the point of having it slow you since you can usually fire it off right as you hit the ground.

EDIT: Single-score stats means that the game is closer to that of L4D2 where there are TYPES of guns that only vary slightly, so in VT2 you get a hammer and that hammer will function almost the same as another hammer with very minor changes, and going grey just means you are playing default while Blues mean you have slight bonuses etc etc. Makes the game harder while having upgrades be more sidegrades.

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