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Reasons for reducing playtime or quitting the game altogether

warhammer 2 - Reasons for reducing playtime or quitting the game altogether

Hey guys, I wanted to post a couple of reasons in another thread why I'm playing much less recently, but I think this might be a good topic on its own, so everyone can share why they quit or started playing the game less and we can discuss what could be done with the game to keep interest up.

For me I think it's mainly three things that made me reduce my playtime lately, after leveling all chars (except Sienna) to 30.

Nr.1: The loot system kinda sucks:

The RNG of the loot system doesn't feel rewarding and doesn't really encourage me to keep playing. In fact after I got 3 red axes and 4 red volley crossbows in a row for saltzpyre (interrupted by getting charms, trinkets and necklaces ofcourse) I was so frustrated by the loot system that I didn't play the game for a while. Sure, I was able to craft 1 of the weapons I wanted as a red from scrapping 5 of those, but the crafted one doesn't even have the glow. That experience was just frustrating and honestly felt like a punch in the balls, instead of being a reward for doing well in legendary. I really think the loot system needs a looking at, it would be really nice to be able to unlock one of the weapons you really want after working for it, instead of getting something that you know you'll never even use.

Nr.2: Normal games become stale after a while:

This might just be me, but normal legendary games are quite boring for me at this point. Whenever I play I try to find a group (preferably with voicechat) who is doing twitchmode,hyper twitchmode and/or deeds. Doing those with a random group isn't really fun though and has a much higher chance of failing + not everyone is up for doing it. The point is everything that changes up the game is very welcome, because in normal mode things just play out pretty much exactly the same everytime and it just gets boring after you played the same map for the 20th time the same way.

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I think this could be fixed with a reworked deed or quest system and it has been said by the devs that they are looking to improve it, so this is likely gonna come sooner or later. But if you ask me, it can't come soon enough.

Nr.3: The crafting system is a chore:

Even though I have every character except Sienna at level 30, I don't have every character equipped and that's mainly because rolling good attributes on orange items is an absolute chore. I'm not kidding when I say I sat in the menu rolling properties for literally hours, before I got something decent for a character and this might not seems that dramatic to do for 1 characters, but it becomes an issue if you want to equip multiple characters to have some variety. In fact if I wanted to equip Sienna right now, I wouldn't be able to, because I currently have no dust left after rolling gear for slayer a few days back. The crafting is neither fun nor motivating in any way and in my opinion begs for a change.

So, those are my main points why I reduced playtime recently I think. I don't think those things are hard to fix and make the game much better for.

So, how about you guys, what gripes do you have with the game?

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