Warhammer: Vermintide

Red weapon system is a total mess. Ideas how to improve it.

warhammer 9 - Red weapon system is a total mess. Ideas how to improve it.


  • You can get basic game red items with blue glowing illusions from some chests.
  • You cannot get BtU DLC red weapons with blue glowing illusions from chests, you must upgrade from orange tier weapons and then get illusions by completing some challenges.
  • When you upgrade to red tier weapon using red dust, you don't get blue glowing illusion, but weapon is marked as red in inventory the same way as glowing red items.
  • When you use blue glowing illusion, which you got from BtU DLC challenge, on orange weapon, it's visually the same weapon as basic game red weapon with blue glowing illusion, but does not have its maxed stats.
  • When you open Bogenhafen chest and get weapon illusion, it's shown the same way as red item, which confuses a lot of people.
  • We have two types of glowing illusions – blue and purple.
  • Applying blue or purple illusion does not give you max stats.

It's such a non-systematic mess.


Ideas how to improve red weapon system: – Completely separate illusions from weapon tiers. – All red weapons will only have max stats without glowing illusion at the start. They will use some standard illusion. – Allow players to get illusions (NOT red weapons with glowing illusions, just illusions) for ALL weapons by completing harder challenges, such as is the case with BtU weapons, or from chests (again – only illusions, not red weapons with glowing illusions), but with quite low drop rate. This way the game will reward gameplay achievements with illusions, while still retaining some small chance to get them as RNG loot from chests. Emp chests and legend vaults will drop those blue glowing illusions OR red weapons with standard non-glowing illusion. – When opening chests, show blue glowing illusions from emp chests and legend vaults in blue frame (not red) and purple illusions from Bogenhafen chests with purple frame (not red). – The rest can be the same as it currently is, i.e. only get purple illusions from Bogenhafen chests and upgrade from orange to red weapons will only max stats, but not change/apply illusion, because red tier is only about max stats and illusions are completely separate from it.

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