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Regarding the DLC map policy

warhammer 4 - Regarding the DLC map policy

TL; DR As a DLC owner the new maps don't come up as much as vanilla and when they do/ I host. I don't get players filling in because of the smaller pool of people to chose from.

The new DLC policy

As of Ubersreik DLC, you now need the DLC to join the new maps via quickplay or to host them. Alternatively, if someone in your party owns the DLC, then quickplay will include the new maps in the qp pool.

The issues it causes

  • As a solo queuer, most maps in qp will be vanilla.
  • As a non-full party. You will be less likely to fill up the slots when hosting.

I get why FS made this change. Most people didn't find value in their purchase. But I hope they are thinking/open to an alternative.

Proposed solutions

  • Make the purchase worthwhile with additional content for instance, or early access to weapons. Maybe add emotes to the game.

  • Give incentive to stay as a party. Such as one loot die worth of progress towards your next game. There's a tendency in the v2 community to leave after one game so we DLC owners hardly ever get to share the love of DLC with those who may not be as invested in the game.

  • Quickplay into DLC Make a checkbox so that I can select/deselect DLC/vanilla maps only as part of my quick play map pool. This doesn't fix the issue of smaller pool of players but at least guarantees the new maps can come up.

  • Make a discovery queue For a couple weeks after a DLC is released. A discovery queue will be available, in which only the new DLC maps will be selected. Similar to the previous option but it would scratch that DLC itch for those who purchase the new content while also giving that sweet quick play bonus we all love. (Yes, I got the idea from Rainbow Six Siege)

What do you guys think? How would you guys fix it? Maybe I'm alone in feeling like I'm playing too much vanilla maps and hardly any DLC. I'm certainly not a fan of having a much smaller pool of players to fill in my empty slots when I get a DLC map via qp hosting (when it happens).

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