Warhammer: Vermintide

Reminder: Real people developed this game.

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Hey Gamers,

I was formerly a moderator on r/Lawbreakers and have been in the center of harsh toxicity on a Sub-Reddit before and let me just say:

What a lot of you are doing to the community manager and devs is horrific behavior. I get that you are frustrated at dev times, but it doesn't mean that they aren't doing anything. It is also just as frustrating to them, most likely even more so.

If you want devs to take you seriously and be transparent with what they are doing, maybe you all should chill with the toxicity. I see this in every single video game sub-reddit and every single social media site. Calling out a community manager for not wanting to deal with thousands of people yelling at him for being honest about development is most certainly not a way to get more development information. These people have feelings and lives and make games for your entertainment. Stop being so rude to people that just want you to have fun. You most likely bought the game for $20 or less and this does NOT give you the right to treat people like trash.

Evaluate yourself, go outside, treat people on the internet the same way you would want to be treated in real life. Give feedback, but be polite about it.


It really isn't hard to not be a d*ck on the internet. Be a better person.

Edit: To the people downvoting, you know what you are and you probably will never change. Nothing will ever make you happy, and you are the problem with this industry. I have seen so much harassment of devs at this point that it is just migraine inducing. If you try to justify harassing devs that just made a fun game for people that in no way offends anyone, then you can rightfully go fu*k yourself.

I also will not be reading the comments because most of them will probably be written by man children that feel the need to yell at the people that made them a video game. Why argue with someone that has no conscience.

Edit 2: Fun fact, you can criticize a game without harassing people. Shocking, I know. Also, you already drove away the CM, so if you continue to act this way, then I guess you can enjoy your highly unproductive video game sub. Have a good time I guess.

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