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Remove or at least decrease the shielded stormvermin in the skaven patrols

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OK before I begin I know that some of you will say things like "patrols are fine, git gud, deal with it" but nonetheless I wanted to share my opinion regarding stormvermin patrols (specifically the ones in Legend).

Having a group of un-shielded stormvermin rats is fine, a team can work together to wipe them off. But to have around 6 or more stormvermins with SHIELDS among the patrol in addition to other roaming and spawning enemies is a pain to deal with and can be very unbalanced. Specially when you're playing Legend where specials, hordes and ambushes spawn frequently. We all know that in the current patch, shielded stormvermin have autoguard against all attacks (melee and range) and high defense against frontal bomb throws and almost immune to fire weapons. They require you to spam your attack forever to break their guard so you can finally land an attack or 2 to kill them or they will shield up again. So having to do that to a couple of them while also having the other spear stormvermin and clanrats surrounding you while having to worry about an assassin or a packmaster can be a nightmare. If everyone in the team gets stuck in this situation and unable to help each other out then the team is basically screwed. Patrols can be avoided if you happen to catch them before engagement, but there are moments when they just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.


Therefore in my opinion I think the numbers of shielded SV in the patrols is decreased or nerf them by reducing their max stamina/stamima gain or make their shields destroyable.

What do you think? Please post constructive and informative repsonses.

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