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Repeater Handgun’s Buff is Overtuned, and Doesn’t Provide Feedback for Actually Buffing the Weapon

warhammer 4 - Repeater Handgun's Buff is Overtuned, and Doesn't Provide Feedback for Actually Buffing the Weapon

Hey there all, I've been playing the beta, and the changes to repeater handgun seem rather… Overkill. The weapon is too good now; it trivializes just about everything due to how the weapon interacts with Huntsman.

Both the changes to ammo, damage, armor damage, along with how Huntsman currently interacts proves to be a bit too powerful in just about every scenario. There are many reasons why repeater handgun did and did not need to be buffed.

From the perspective of Huntsman, the changes to repeater handgun are overkill. On other careers, I played with repeater handgun pre-patch regularly.

  • Damage – Damage did not need to be touched in most scenarios of repeater handgun. The two areas I may argue it to be lacking are super armor, and bosses. For bosses, comparatively to everything else, dumping your ammo doesn't seem to have an impact to most players. This is understandable. However, to super armor (Chaos warriors and all Lords) — why does it still deal 4.0 damage on a neutral headshot?

  • Ammo – Why is giving a weapon more ammo a bad or good thing? I believe for Repeater Handgun increasing ammo was a negative for both Huntsman and Mercenary. By increasing the ammo pool, the weapon now feels as if I can dump as many shots as I want within reason to any nearby targets. The value of the shots went up dramatically, while also increasing the total amount of shots (this doesn't make sense from a balance aspect.) On both Mercenary and Footknight if I want boss damage, I will use Conservative Shooter. In turn, on Huntsman, Scrounger now feels too strong with Huntsman's set of talents and general gameplay style.

  • Mass / penetration – Repeater handgun still has 7.07 mass value, effectively making it so that tightly packed hordes are still obliterated by it. You can kill 3 fanatics, or 4 slave rats with one bullet. This becomes an issue whenever you consider the actual mathematics of repeater handgun; bullets are highly valued due to the fact you can make many hordes trivial, and even if they aren't tightly packed, get reasonable value out of your bullets. Coupled with the fact that this is an automatic weapon and resembles nothing to that of regular handgun, along with the infinite ammo of Huntsman, I was lost of words.

  • General gameplay feel – As of the moment, I believe the changes to repeater handgun remove both how satisfying, and how fun it was to use. Most of repeater handgun, to me, was how versatile and fast it was. Repeater handgun is still responsive, but due to how easily it kills just about everything, it now feels how Sienna's launch Beam Staff used to. It just doesn't feel good. I don't like to obliterate everything. Rotting men should be able to take a shot to the chest, right?

  • Tech / odd controls – This portion is specifically for Huntsman, but some of it may be toward other characters. There's a few things about repeater handgun that make it particularly troubling for balance, and one of the major factors are controls. The repeater handgun feels clunky, yet oh-so-smooth with its tech. There's two major ones, the first on Huntsman, being avoiding revolving the gun. https://imgur.com/a/McYgO0R This is done by achieving 60%+ reload speed, and using your reload button before the animation of shooting your final bullet in the rounds concludes. Along with this, Huntsman has the odd factor of being able to stock an "active clip," along with receive even more ammo in reserve. The second one is applicable to both repeater pistol, handgun, and all careers that can holster those weapon. https://imgur.com/a/0OpmTfs It's rather simple, but has serious use: storing the revolved state by having a partial clip, revolving and reloading. This can be used to cut the time for both reloading and spinning up by combining them. Both of these tricks are very doable without macros; I recommend investing into them if you haven't.

Final thoughts: Repeater Handgun was complained about for being too "generalist," but now it's too "generalist" in the fact that it obliterates everything on Huntsman, and most likely will still obliterate everything given proper usage of the weapon. I won't give much feedback about nerfing the weapon from how it is now, but just wanted to point out why I won't be using it much at all in pubs, private matches, or even for personal mastery.


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