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Returning player from OG vermintide

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I had a lot of fun with the original. I made probably waaaay to many horn runs back when it could be glitched and you could hide under the terrain to cheese the hordes (don't worry I did a ton of proper clears too). In the end I didn't stick with the game but that was after many hours of play during which I had a blast (shoutout to my discord peeps that really elevated the community at that time). The pressure to run high difficulty was too great and my level of execution is usually not precise enough to finish those runs. When volatility to gain ratio for gear was too much for me I was out (I'm a filthy casual).


When they announced Iron Breaker and Slayer I got excited and bought the game before it was released, but then never played it. Why I couldn't say, but I finally started up and again had a fun time this weekend. From someone who played old V1 many of the changes have been pretty nice. The enemy variation is probably my favorite addition. Every encounter there is a healthy pool of enemies that can be sent your way, and when monsters show up they all have a set of tactics you need to be aware of. Crafting my gear means I can run a build without being overly beholden to RNG. Cosmetics and bonus chests are rewarding and the crafting system again makes all that loot valuable when it otherwise wouldn't be.

I don't know how in depth V1 got with this stuff but for me its a pretty welcome addition. Its not all perfect, I got disconnected from two runs near the end (one of which was full grim/tome). But for the most part this game is fun for all the reasons it was before and some exciting new ones.

Anyway, glad to be back and sorry to the people in Champ/Legend difficulty that may encounter me in the coming weeks.

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