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Returning player. I don’t understand the point of the Grail Knight

warhammer 9 - Returning player. I don't understand the point of the Grail Knight

I play on Legend mostly. The GK just feels like a bunch of features that don't work well together. Where to start…

Weapon restrictions

No spearno halberd. Just why.


Move speed. Really? Possibly the least valuable buff to have. Move speed doesn't help cleave, stagger, or clear hordes. It doesn't increase dodge distance. It mildly helps kite bosses under some circumstances. Crazy how this is a staple perk for the GK.

Block warpfire. Pretty nice ribbon, but your ranged allies killed the warpfire thrower before he got close enough to do anything.

+25% damage on the first enemy hit. Congratulations, you can kill one chaos warrior faster. There are 5 of them and you got downed trying to make use of it. Good luck.


Level 5 row: No damage multiple enemies talent. Makes sense, since GK's cleave is low. Temp HP on killing blows would be nice due to killing elitesspecials, but now you are competing with more competent elitespecial slayers with ranged options. Your only choice is the stagger talent but guess what, you don't have good stagger either. Guess that's why you get 2 melee options, so you can stagger with a shield and hope for some temp hp.

Level 10 row: Is there another more situational group of talents in the game? 10 power per kill props up your horde clear, at the cost of eliteboss damage. Crit kills is a stupid gimmick that is too inconsistent for hordes, but oh golly gee you can OHKO a chaos warrior with an xsword. Yippee. 25% power to heavy attacks is the most consistent, at the cost of forcing you to do heavy attacks and hope you don't eat shit because of it.

Level 15 row: Smiter makes sense with your +25% damage, but bulwark? GK doesn't have anything in their kit to aid in stagger, but sure, let's debuff hordes so others can do your job for you. Enhanced power is a dead talent for a pure melee class.


Level 20 row: Boons need to not be random. Getting "kill a monster" and never seeing a monster happens too often. Health regen is nice but inconsistent. There's a reason everyone recommends to take the Str Potion talent, which makes you a real team player when it comes to Grims.

Level 25 row: Finally, a temp HP that GK excels at using: take damage to heal back less damage. Superb. Timed blocks are nice, but then you need to learn to use timed blocks. If you can't then you can opt for stamina regen. Most other careers are getting big power spikes at 25. GK gets talents that could be in the level 10 row for how shitty they are.

Level 30 row: Finally, ult upgrades. You can stab twice, get movespeed after stabbing, or throw out a horizontal slash with abysmally low cleave. You may decide Stab twice is a good choice, until the 50th time you stagger the boss out of range of the 2nd stab. The horizontal slash should have infinite cleave

Speaking of…

Blessed Blade

Just the worst ult in the game. The number of times I've taken damage from a random mob on activation or recovery is dumb. Even if I stagger them out of the way with a shield first. The only remarkable thing about this is the cooldown which makes it very accessible. But fucking damn does it need damage reduction while casting, or auto block, or stagger, or something. Just sucks to see a big horde coming, knock it back, whip out the big golden sword and fucking die in the 5 minutes it takes for kruber to swing the fucking thing.


I know I suck at the game, I know it's apparently a great career on cataclysm. But it takes more effort to get less out of this career than other careers. It would need non-damage buffs to the ult, perks that make sense, boon redesign, and a talent overhaul to bring it up to par.

But you know, it mows things down on Champion so I guess it's in a good spot.

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