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Rushing and the reason for it.

warhammer 7 - Rushing and the reason for it.

I feel this is a controversial topics about playing the game, so I just want to explain the reason behind it, and why it's beneficial to play this way. It's a bit long but it might be worth reading for some.

I played left 4 dead and religiously, I could speed run maps on the hardest difficulty solo, took a lot of practice and understanding of how the game works, but it was easy to cut the game down to 25% of what I should be, I was on 4k hours when I stopped.

The reason rushing was so effective was because of how it affected the game director/AI director, zombies were designed to slow the player down, and give the specials the time they needed to spawn, if you don't slow down, specials don't spawn, if they don't spawn, you don't slow down. Making the director effectively useless to the endless cycle.

The way the director worked, is that it spawns specials either in front or behind, within a certain range. If the special spawned behind, it likely would despawn because it can't catch up, or spend the entire game trying to catch up, if it tried to spawn in front, it wouldn't be able to because it would be too close or in sight.

Translating this to vermintide, it's not the same game, but it's similar in a lot of aspects.

Edit: Assume that the other 3 members of your team are actively rushing with you, and you aren't just doing it solo while your team does their own things.

The enemies in this game definitely do slow you down more, the specials also have an easier time spawning and catching up, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. Rushing isn't just about getting to the end as quickly as possible, it's about denying spawns while dictating where you fight, letting specials play catch up and reducing the number of hoards/specials you have to fight.

I'll give an example, into the nest, I will rush the first tome as quickly as possible and get back to the easily defended bridge rather than the dead end ledge where the tome is, it's safer from specials and getting knocked off. It also causes the hoard to bunch up and killing it is easier. Once this is done you rush the grim, since this is a sort of detour, specials will likely spawn, dropping down onto the ledge where you have to walk back over, but, assuming you were quick enough, it will be like 2 or 3 specials in the exact same place and the hoard won't spawn for another minute or so, if a boss or patrol spawns on the bridge, it should be manageable before the next hoard.


Now let's say a hoard has spawned but the area you are in isn't great, continue rushing to the next best area, if you have no choice, backtrack, Don't stop and wait, lots of players do this, they'll stop in a stupid area waiting for the hoard, or they run back to fight, just worry about reaching an optimal place.

The majority of times a team has wiped is because they've chosen to fight in a bad area, with bad surroundings, and you've got backed into a corner, got overwhelmed while the specials have run rampant.

Learning when to stop and when to rush is important, stopping to allow hoards to spawn when the next area is extremely dangerous, due to a potential patrol spawn, or boss spawn, or just a difficult environment in general.

If you choose to wander around, trying to find art, trying to find a potion you already have, back tracking to kill a enemy/special who is extremely far behind doing nothing, then your allowing more specials to spawn, more delays and just adding more risks.

Choosing where to fight is important because you can now make use of the environment, to slow enemies down, or group them up, which means you can deal with them quickly. I could rush a ledge or door as an engineer, and have all the enemies group up in a single file where the gatling gun would take a matter of seconds to kill them, rather than running about in the open, enemies all round, takin longer to melee.

There's just so much to rushing, but I just wanted to let people know that there's an actual reason for it. Rather than kicking someone or flaming someone for rushing, acknowledge that they're doing it for the reasons above and maybe even practice it, when it's performed correctly, you'll have much quicker and easier time getting through maps.

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