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Salt’s New Career – a Theory

warhammer 9 - Salt's New Career - a Theory

In case you missed it, a new story was posted today on the Vermintide website about the recent construction work going on in Taal's Horn Keep. I'm on mobile, so I won't link it here, but it mentions that a Light Wizard friend of Lohner's is helping him to remodel the keep into a more permenant and comfortable residence. In this story, something is mentioned about (and I'm paraphrasing)"that thing Saltzpyre keeps muttering about."

It is implied that this space that Viktor requires a pretty decent amount of space, and seeing how much of the keep has been blocked off from our access, it certainly does seem like it will be, especially seeing how they've established they can make as much space as they need on the parts of the keep we can't currently access. Well, what would take up a very large amount of space and would fit the theme of Saltzpyre?

That's right!….a STEAM TANK WORKSHOP!!!

No, not actually. This isn't an umgak-post. No, my actual theory is a Temple of Sigmar for habitation by our new Warrior Priest!

From a lore perspective, I believe that this makes the most sense. The daemon inhabitating Castle Drachenfels did a real number on the mental state of our heroes. For Kruber, it brought up his newly chosen lifestyle of fighting for money instead of for the Empire or for any real ideal. Kruber thought that this was the best way to get over his fear of loss and anger over those he already had. The guilt of all the men he lost, BETTER men, he thought, weighed heavily upon him. So if he just took this Witch Hunter's money, he would be able to disconnect the service of the matter. It didn't matter what happened to this Bright Wizard once they got to Ubersreik, did it?


But of course, it didn't pan out that way. He hadn't been off the coach in Ubersreik more than 20 seconds before he was getting stuck in with the ratmen. And he didn't stop fighting, not even until today. Maybe at the start of the fight against Clan Fester he could rationalize that he was getting some pretty sweet loot out of this whole apocalypse business, but any real mercenary would see the writing on the wall and bow out long before this point. Now, with his newly (re?)discovered Bretonnian heritage, he fights for honor, duty, and The Lady: Kruber has a purpose again.

I could go as deep into Bardin's story, but it's just as in-depth, and my thumbs hurt 😛

Now, the daemon seems to know quite a lot about Saltzpyre's past and his inner conflicts. Does he really fight the righteous fight for Sigmar? Was he really right to drive a stake through that burgomeister's daughter? Can Sigmar hear his pleas? Is Sigmar even still ALIVE???

These thoughts gnaw at him, and up till now, screaming at the top of his lungs about his faith in Sigmar has worked wonders. As the world falls apart around him, he must keep the faith and fight the the good fight. But now, as human suffering comes in ever more voluminous waves, what can one lowly Witch Hunter do to keep the world from falling apart? These people need to be reminded that Sigmar loves them, Sigmar PROTECTS them. Time to shave his head, don the armor and robe, pick up the replica of Ghal Maraz, and wade into forces of Chaos with unremitting violence and faith.

I won't go into what I would imagine his abilities or new weapons would be (unless enough people ask me to), but that's my firm belief on what's next for Saltzpyre. I welcome any discussion!

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