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Saltspyre’s New Career

warhammer 7 - Saltspyre's New Career

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What do we know about Careers in Vermintide? Everyone has 3, all are getting at least one more.

All of the base careers follow a certain theme; one represents a Continuation of their character in the 1st game (this I believe is the cannon career path that they took), one represents them becoming Ascended, and one represents their Corruption. Not full-on Chaos corruption, but a definitely darker path

For example (all debatable):

Canon Career; Mercenary, Ranger Veteran, Waystalker, Witch Hunter Captain, Battle Wizard

Ascended Career; Huntsman, Ironbreaker, Handmaiden, Zealot, Pyromancer

Corrupted Career; Foot Knight, Slayer, Shade, Bounty Hunter, Unchained

Now we get to the New careers, Grail Knight and Outcast Engineer. These I believe to be the Truly canon careers that our heroes will take after some time that they spent in their previous canon jobs. So Kruber's story is that after V1, he becomes a Mercenary, then receives his blessing from the Lady of the Lake. This is supported by the fact that in the Grail Knight Trailer, Kruber approaches the lake in his Mercenary attire. Later in the Engineer trailer, Kruber is seen shaved and wearing his Grail Knight Armor.

Kruber became a Grail Knight because he is the descendant of a great Bretonian hero, it's something in his past that ends up being his future. I believe what triggered this transformation were the words of Nugloth in Dracenfel Castle. Nurgloth mocked Kruber as a killer for hire (a Mercenary), which prompted Kruber to pursue something more…Nobel.

For Bardin, the formula is the same; Stays a Ranger after V1, where his failures as a Father are mocked my Nurgloth (which is what made him become a ranger in the first place, looking for redemption), and Bardin decides to get back to his roots since he always wanted to be an engineer.

Nurgloth mocks their failures->they become something from their past.

So Victor Saltspyre. He's always been a Witch Hunter, but he hasn't always hunted Skaven, the first prey that we know of in the story was a Vampire who had kidnapped a Burgomeister's daughter.

It was his blind faith and his Zealotism that lead to the death of the Burgomeisters Daughter, the loss of his eye, the escape of Grey Seer Rasknit (who then attacked Ubersreik), and the quote Nurgloth directly;


"The Skaven received you at Skaggerdorf, their web of intrigue with greedy men and Thirsting Dead. That's really why you hate them, isn't it?".

"You're too ready to believe authority. You heed your faith too late. That's why Skaggerdorf burned."

"Is your Faith wavering, little Victor? Your veins are so cold where once raged a flame."

It's also worth mentioning that Victor has had beef with the witch hunter order in the past, and many other hunters deem him a madman.

The Vampire, the Skaven (which at the time were probably unknown to Saltspyre, as they are to most people in the Empire), and some corrupt officials were working together. The perfect job for a Witch Hunter, and Victor Failed.

There you have it, my prediction; Victor will depart his faith in Sigmar, and turn instead towards Morr, the God of Death in the empire, who acts as patron to the most famous Vampire Hunters in the world; The Knights Raven, The Black Guard of Morr, The Order of the Shroud, and the Order of the Black Rose. These groups don't exclusively deal with the undead, especially not during the End Times, so Victor will still fit in with the rest of the five.

His past experience with Vampires will become his future.

Now I know what you're saying; sounds like he's just as likely to become a Vampire as a Vampire Hunter, especially given Lohner's recent story about meeting a Vampire (who is quite possibly Genieve). I hear you, but I still don't think that a Vampire is likely because it would be VERY difficult to work with the rest of the group, and it's a pretty dark end for one of the best characters. But then, it is the End Times, so it's a pretty dark end for everyone, but someone as troubled as Victor I think deserves some peace, and I think Morr is going to be how.

What is this going to look like Gameplay wise? No idea.

What are the future hero's likely careers? Not sure, but I'm considering making more posts like this for every character, kind of a Lore series.

Also, Kruber has Beef with a Necromancer, so to see our Empire bois team up to hunt some undead would be pretty poggers.

Thanks for reading, I know it was long.

TL, DR; Probably a Vampire hunter or a Priest of Morr

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