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Saltzpyre needs anti-Rothelm weapon besides axe

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As a legend player with 600 hours, who also tend to survive even when team fails and carry match alone until I can rescue them I feel there is a huge balance problem when fighting multiple chaos warriors.

You can oneshot one with upgraded BH ultimate or you can be an Axe Zealot who doesnt care about armor.

Yes, I dont like axe on BH or WHC. Without Zealot's power you cant reach fanatic breakpoint, you dont have the attackspeed to kill horde effectively, you dont have damage reductiton and temp HP from strikes that will save you once you are out of effective dodges. You can prove me wrong.

What else Saltzpyre has? Crits from Xbow/volley xbow and stunlocking with headshots – long, boring and doesnt work against multiple CW.

Rapier/Falchion/Flail – 10-22 hits to kill single rothelm with rapier (depends on headshots of course), 11-17 with falchion, 9-13 with Flail (if we count only last overhead attacks in combo). If chaos warrior has no friends (BibleThump) this damage output is acceptable, but if you are fighting like 3 of them with mauler and bulwark support then new horde will spawn before you finish them for sure.

It is really frustrating when you think that Dual Daggers can kill CW in 4 headshots and you can dodgedance horde. Dual axes – 3-5 pushtabs. 2H hammer – 5-8 hits, also amazing anti-horde weapon, Halberd – 2 anti-armor combo to send CW back to papa Nurgle. 1H hammer (Bardin-Kruber-Sienna) – 5-8 charged attacks, ALSO GOOD AGAINST HORDES AND HAS 10000 STAMINA.


I am not even saying how useless i feel during Bodvarr boss fight if I am not an Axe Zealot.

And no, I am not a balance expert, just a few thoughts:

1) Rothelm should count as man-sized enemy, that would be a buff WHC needs

2) Repeater pistol was really good before nerf, Player could sacrifice long range pew-pew horde penetration for killing power against Chaos Warrior. It was fair trade IMO. Right now no one uses Repeater pisitol (I saw maybe one guy last week, he died once he run out of ammo and left game)

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3) Turn Brace of meme Pistols into "volley handgun" if I may say so. There is Crossbow with sniping, headshots, etc. And there is volley crossbow with spam and fast RoF. Same for Handgun and BoP. Because again, no one uses BoP on legend, every good player wants to oneshot special with their ranged weapon and takes crossbow/volleybow. BoP isnt a good weapon.

4) I could say unnerf Flachion but Falchion was OP, so thats not an option. How about double headshot armor damage on Rapier and Falchion? If you are skilled enough you will kill CW in 5-6 headshots. If you are a noob you will stuck with CW for 22 charged bodyshots. Isnt that fair?

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