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[Saltzpyre] The Good, The Axe, and the Falchion

warhammer 1 - [Saltzpyre] The Good, The Axe, and the Falchion

I've been playing with the Axe and the Falchion separately for a while now now, and I've come to a few conclusions. I think there might be some debate about what truly justifies something being rated in terms of viability, but I'm going to open with this, and I will clarify my standards in a second;

The Axe for Saltzpyre is the worst weapon in the game right now.

The 1H Mace/Sword for Kruber, the Dual Swords on Kerillian, the 2H Mace or the standard sword on Sienna, and even Bardin's single axe has more practical applications than Saltzpyre's single axe, mainly due to the characters they're attached to.

Over the past few days, I've been playing a lot with the less used weapons in the game. Some surprised me (The flail, greatswords, and 1h Mace stand out the most) and some remained underwhelming (The Repeater Pistol for saltz just needs to be fixed, It is so bloody bad.)

But, over all these games with all these characters, I've been consistently able to complete Into The Nest running what I consider to be the strongest setup to play to a weapon's strengths (Such as bringing an Ammo Bardin for Repeater Pistol) In every case except for 3 weapons, I have been able to complete a 2 grim 3 tome game in under 25 minutes.

The weapons in questions Is; The 1h Axe w/Repeater Pistol with Bounty Hunter, which Is the only mission I actually out-right failed halfway through due to a serious lack of hordeclear, mobility, and general survivability.

1h Sword + Fireball on Pyromancer

and finally Shade with Greatsword.

With the latter two, these are clearly not designed to work together – They have inherent lack of synergy with the class they're played on, and I still cleared the content, just in way more than 25 minutes.


The Axe is the only example I've had where I've consistently failed runs – even on the Zealot and Witch Hunter Captain, that can largely negate Its underperforming damage and low survivability, the runs were still among the slowest I've done (38 minutes on WHC and 35 on Zealot)

The reason for why this is should be obvious – The axe is slow for Its damage, has a terrible horde cleave (I am unsure If It is the worst in the game, but It certainly felt like it.) A poor attack pattern, average block and average stamina, and its push attack Is actually atrocious.

Now, onto the ugly;

The Falchion. Despite being in the title, I haven't touched on it much until now, because to me, the Falchion is…

Fine. There's nothing wrong with Its design – It just needs maybe a single attack pattern change (Light 3 going from a 0 Degree vertical straight cut to maybe a 35 Degrees horizontal cut the same way that the Heavy is.), maybe a ~10% Animation buff, a slightly better push/block radius, then you can call It done. If you wanted to push It a bit more towards raw viability rather than being a good beginner weapon, It'll need a 30% boost or so to Armor damage.

Because, you see – The issue with the Falchion Is just that It has nothing really going for it. It's not bad at what It does, but the Rapier does everything the Falchion does, just a million times better. Not to mention the A+F, the Billhook, or even the Flail, if you want to get more specific in its role.

This isn't really meant to be a suggestion or anything, but what do you guys think? Is there any weapon that you feel is much worse than Saltz's 1H Axe? I even had some success with Kerillian's axe – but I have a feeling that that's partially because Kerillian is just generally very strong rather than her weapon.

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