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Sanctioned mods paradox

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So I was looking at the list of mods that were available with the nice list of 10 approved mods. I saw some very useful mods and I have put nearly all of them to work as they are definitely useful. The problem I noticed was when I remembered back to when I was checking the workshop page a couple months ago. I didn't remember a few of the mods that were available being in the list back then…so I went looking a bit deeper.

April 24th, Vermintide II Mod Framework. This can be assumed to be one of the earliest mods, since almost all other mods piggyback off of its work.

Mid-late May, Most mods on the list of approvals are in the 20-30 May range

Early June, A couple here as well, makes sense.

Early July? Yes, Source viewmodel was posted July 4th, making it the newest mod to be part of the workshop and also be approved.


Why does this matter? Lets go back to the applied list and see some problems with the time-frame given.

Persistent Ammo Counter, Neuter Ult Effects, Inventory Favorites, Crosshair Customization—-Early May.

Scoreboard Tweaks, Chat Block, Show Damage, Healthbars, Show Ping*—-Mid-Late May.

These are all mods that were within the time period where mods were being gathered from, and had a great chance to be very useful, but were to our knowledge, not given a chance to be approved because they were not selected, despite the mods altogether being as old or FAR older than some of the mods that were approved.


The Show Ping mod was mentioned to have a problem associated with it which causes it to not be approved (by Robin's word) but that does not make up for the rest of the large consortium of very useful mods available, and that were available from the very start of this venture. If a second run at approvals aren't made with these mods in mind soon, then I could see a rampage building up for the lack of Show Damage mod alone.


Another thing of note I found. Obviously the Framework wins out in subscribers, at 39k….but the runner ups are actually surprising and sad. Show Damage takes second place at 20k, Healthbars, second at 17k, Show Ping at 5th place at 13k, and then finally the first approved mod (besides framework which cheats a bit) Skip Intro at 12k, and going down from there.

These are numbers after mods were sanctioned…this means that the sanctioned mods had several hours to gather up basically free subscriptions but are still at nearly half the subscribers in comparison to the Show Damage mod that isn't even whitelisted! Who even allows that to happen…who obviously wanted for things go to waste like that?

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