Warhammer: Vermintide

Seinna feels… meh compared to others?

ttfvs8xl 1024x576 - Seinna feels... meh compared to others?

Got the game a few days ago, got her to 20 so far and compared to well any other character as a damage dealer. She feels really lack luster and gimmicky.

Is she super level or gear dependent compared to other classes to feel impactful?

I've used beam, fireball and conflag.

Fireball feels okay, but Beam feels like "am just gonna spray some luke warm water on your face" and Conflag doesn't even kill slaves at a max charge at 377 hero level on vet.

Only way I feel like am doing something is on recruit but I cant keep progressing gear wise cause of the 100 hero power cap on that gear.

Am I doing something wrong with her? Just wanna be a fire mage that brings the deeps. Not a CC mage or something.

Edit 1: Getting to see how toxic some of this community is, got some help from some nice people. But calling someone out for a low effort post when asking for help and getting downvoted for is showing me the shallow mindset it seems many in this subreddit have.


Thank you for those that helped but I dont think I'll be coming back here after seeing how a majority of people acted. But thanks again to the few that actually tried to help.

Edit 2: Now am seeing mods are toxic and don't enforce the rules, just cemented the fact I won't be coming back here again. Low quality mods and low quality posts go hand in hand I guess right? Mod says low effort isn't reportable and comments aren't reportable

It says in the rules themselves that "Low effort or Unrelated" is reportable. Doesn't say only posts or comments. Guess a mod needs to do some reading up on the form he moderates.

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