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I've been playing V2 non-stop for the last 4 weeks dozen hours a day, almost every day and exclusively on legend. Some people might ran into me during this, and i would like to apologize if you one of them. You see, long ago i jokingly said i would delete this game once i get a red weapon for satlzpyre. Since then a couple of things happened, i got into anothe cycle of my endless depression, and decided to do so for real. Just for the sake of good old escapism, and just to see how much it would take.

It takes a bit longer than i planned.

As you may guessed, i had no luck. In only 4 weeks this game accomplished something that two seasons in lol and three in overwatch didn't – they made me so salty i began to actively flame teammates for their mistakes. Today in my game i had poor Bardin who didn't knew where book on Convocation of Decay are, and walked past the third tome, and i almost thrown whole game because of that. I've became absolutely unbearable both in-game and IRL, and all because time after time after time i open this shitty merchant-soldier-general-emperor vaults and get nothing but a garbage.


And now after another dozen hours of this damn game, everything still shit, i still got no red weapons, and the only consolation prize i got is headache.

Like, i know i have an addictive personality – i had over 4k hours in Warframe and 3k in Souls, im no stranger to crazy amounts of boring ass farming. I had a max rank darkmoon in DS3 without proper online and several characters with max rank in bell keepers in DS2. And its never been as bad.

Dear Fatshark, if someone working there would read this for whatever reason. First – kindly tell the guy who responsible for this droprates to fu*k himself with a rake. Secondly – make sure he does exactly that. And third – please, make playing on legend a bit more rewarding. If im going to destroy my life and lose my friends just to get shittiest looking rapier but with glowy bits, maybe make it possible in the first place.

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