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Shade role and am i underperforming/underleveled?

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After playing HM almost exclusively, I decided to give Shade a go and am having some good fun. I also decided to do my first foray into champion (power level ~350 at level 22) and am having a BLAST so far. Finally we can lose without it being the result of an entirely clueless team 😉

The thing is, and this may just be me coming from handmaiden, I don't feel like I'm contributing a lot to the team. I'm never topping any stats. During hordes I'm mostly just sitting behind our Kruber in case one gets past his halberd, and feel mostly like a glorified bodyguard for Sienna. Being able to keep CWs from reaching our team is nice, but those go down in a few seconds of focus fire from the team so it doesn't feel game changing unless there are multiples + a horde + stormvermin. I do decent boss damage, and the dodge lets me kite/volley xbowthe bosses well and then backstab arrow regen for great sustained DPS, but I've never topped the boss damage scoreboard. The only time I felt like I was the top player on the team was in fighting Benadryl Sassafras, and that was only because my no healing used procc'd 4 times in a row on my medkit so I could keep everyone from dying…not exactly a skillful play.


Am I playing the shade wrong? I know it's more of a boss killer than a horde clearer, but I'm not really sure what I'm bringing to the table that HM didn't. I imagine I could do more with a spear but I'm having fun with the dual weapon aesthetic and I'm still capable of winning on champion. Or am I just at a lower level than my teammates, so they're doing more damage just because of that? Appreciate the help, and I'm looking forward to becoming more of a credit to team!

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