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Shade stealth & bosses

warhammer 6 - Shade stealth & bosses

So, when Kruber and Salty could oneshot bosses, that was changed. Then when huntsman could chug stuff and go all ak47 that was also removed. Then when he could still autocrit a boss down in a single ult, that was also removed. Even shade glaive was changed back when that was crazy.

But, Shade can oneshot bosses now, however even without the oneshot most every shade you meet can still deal at least half the hp of any given boss in a single ult that has a 42 second cooldown. It's seriously trivializing the bosses, and making the miniboss part of the game really unfun.


Can we please, please change the multiplier for shade stealth? Especially daggers down from 6, but really even with spear which presumably still has 4 like the others you're still dealing ridiculous amounts of damage. Does Shade ult really need to deal ~1k damage to a boss in most circumstances? And why does glaive (2x multiplier is just sad) & 1h sword have to deal basically peanuts by comparison? Making it more consistent would also go a long way to enable other weapons on shade. The small daggers nerf that happened during the beta was good (and daggers are fine on other elf careers really) but didn't really impact the absurd bosskilling potential for shade at all. There's most of the time no real reason to go anything but daggers for shade, and the lack of variety isn't really enjoyable either when actually playing her, in my experience.

Hoping that the patch accompanying the dlc tomorrow will address this but I haven't really seen anyone talking about this and wanting change.

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