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Shade’s passive does not multiply crit or Shade ult, and other silly things about Shade’s passive.

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So, Shade passive is weird. Very weird. Here's some numbers showing just how weird it is.


So, first thing's first: how did I get these numbers?

Well, I used the creature spawner mod plus the damage numbers mod to whack away at a Bile Troll in the Keep with every Shade weapon and 0 power vs bonuses. Once I had the mods installed and the troll in place, it was just a pure grind to get all the data. This means that the exact values shown will only hold true for attacks against Monster type enemies, but in theory the general behaviors revealed by my experimentation should hold constant. Assuming that isn't spaghettied to hell, which may be a large assumption

Now to the interesting stuff, the findings.

First, this passive does not multiply with crits or ult, but does get multiplied by power vs (you can test this last bit for yourself by getting some power vs infantry and whacking away at a dummy in the keep).

This means that the damage gained per attack is constant, regardless of whether any of those attacks crit or are ult. This also means that Ereth Khial's Herald only gives 8 bonus damage vs bosses per charged, double-hit backstab on Dual Daggers (or the 2nd charge of Sword and Dagger), multiplied by whatever power vs bonuses you have. Regardless of whether you're ulting or critting or just normal hitting.

Second, Shade passive does not multiply damage by 50%.


The amount of damage you get from the passive is, well, horrifically inconsistent. For what few light attacks I've looked at, it does its job as advertised with the standard Vermintide rounding (assuming you aren't critting or ulting). For charged attacks, it does around 75%-80% extra damage (again, assuming you aren't critting or ulting). I'm having a really hard time finding a number that would give me all of these values from the spreadsheet after rounding, so I can only assume it's just different across the various charged attacks or that there's some really weird rounding errors going on.

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Third, as far as I can tell, Ereth Khial's Herald actually stacks multiplicatively with Shade's base passive, but only when you use charged attacks.

Again, the few light attacks I've tested perform as advertised, but charged attacks throw that all out the window. Each charged attack's damage with Ereth Khial's Herald is about 1.25 times as much as the normal backstab value (again, without crits or ults). So that means that EKH actually heavily outperforms what it's supposed to be for charged attacks, much like the baseline passive. However, the higher your crit chance and the lower your ult cooldown, the less useful Ereth Khial's Herald is. On crits, the damage increase is only around 12-14%, and on ults it gets down to the single digits.

Essentially, this means that EKH only has real impact when you are hitting a target that takes more than 5 backstab hits to kill without critting often or ulting. So literally just bosses, if you don't have a purple pot or crit on your weapon and trinket.

Also, 2 fun facts I learned from this experiment: backstab crits on the first charge attack of spear do less damage than non-crits, and Sword and Dagger's 2nd charged is completely identical to Dual Dagger's charge attacks including the massive crit multiplier.

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