Warhammer: Vermintide

Shadow Gate Glitch

warhammer 3 - Shadow Gate Glitch

I'm on PS4, bought as soon as the game went live. Twice in one night I get to the end of my mission after spending lots of time to learn the map and collect items. Only to discover the game wont allow me to end the mission, leaving no option except to turn off the app and restart. The first time I was kind of annoyed, weird glitches happen. 2 games later I hit the EXACT same bug as I'm trying to end the mission. I'm offline and live streaming. I Google the issue to see if theres a simple fix I'm overlooking only to find this has been brought to your attention several times since SEPTEMBER. This is bull, I payed 60 dollars yesterday for a game that's so buggy I don't even want to waste the time to carefully work through the missions just to get to the end and lose all of my progress to a bug this team has known about since SEPTEMBER. Unacceptable; this should have been fixed when it was a known issue months ago. I'm beyond pissed I payed 60 dollars for a game with this level of quality control.


I'm disappointed, I was hyped for this game. Have played it non stop since my download finished and other than this issue I've had a great time. But I refuse to play another mission just to lose my progress from a glitch you've known about this long.

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