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Shadows over Bögenhafen : An earnest analysis of the content provided

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A good day to everyone, first of all. I only really ever lurked here, but after the recent release of the Shadows over Bögehafen DLC, I've felt like I had to make an account simply to put a few thoughts in order and express some of my opinions on it. It is still rather early in it's release, so some of these points may grow outdated quickly with coming patches and fixes.

With that out of the way, let's talk about the DLC. A quick browse through this subreddit already shows that people are not happy – and I wouldn't blame them. I'm not satisfied myself, but putting a few numbers on things may bring the scope of this dissapointment towards a clearer light. This overview will steer as far away from vitriol as possible – I know the developers read this subreddit, and I don't know their lives. I don't know how the proccess of releasing this was.

Firstly, I want to talk about the maps – and there's more praise towards them then anything else. Albeit there are only two of them, they do bring fresh things to the table when it comes to the base gameplay of V2. The openess of "The Pit", it's coastal areas and the little holdout section capped with a dash across the docks while you're under fire of a massive gatling gun? That's fun. It's an entertaining map that requires co-ordination so your team does not split in the open areas.

"Blightreaper" is a little lower on my list, but I wouldn't call it bad, either. I believe the sewer section does drag on for a little long, and getting a boss spawn on the cramped corridors is – simply put, wrong. I was also very much frustrated at the bug that occoured at the of the map – where the sword's DoT would multiply by 10 randomly. However, I can't actually complain about this – for it happened in the open beta, and it *was* fixed on release , just as it should be. And I'm thankful for that, Fatshark.

So, the maps aren't bad at all. Sadly just two – but they're good. But now the problems already start. You don't need the DLC to play these maps. You can simply lobby up with a friend that already has the DLC to play custom games on them, or do quickplay and occasionaly get these maps. And while I do appreciate the fact that this is the case, and I am in no way saying Fatshark should lock the maps off if you do not have the DLC – Because they REALLY should not, one thing must be understood. This devalues the DLC a little. You're not really paying for the maps anymore – at least not quite, are you?

Fine. So that's 10 dollars – or 8 euros. Your equivalent whatever else. Not painfully expensive eitherway. So what else do we have?

The cosmetics. There's already posts flodding this subreddit about a lack of excitement for those – but let's get in some numbers. I think this will help illustrate the point that has to be made all too clearly.

Most of them are recolors and reskins. I am no game designer, but we have to be honest here. These do not take long to make. The weapon skins are merely the already existing red skins, but with the glow changed from teal to purple. This *must* be incredibly quick to make. Similarly, the armor sets are just color changes – with the cosmetics being the only real "new" pieces of content. I don't know how many of these new hats are, but let's do an exercise right now.


Forgive me if these numbers are incorrect, as I am doing these calculations off my head, but. Kruber has 12 weapons in total. Bardin, 13. Kerillian has 11, Saltzpyre has 9 – and lastly, Sienna also has 9.

Knowing this, let us presume that there is one purple recolor skin for each weapon. We're looking at FIFTY SIX weapon illusions with just a changed color piece. Are we done? No.

There is a new "skin" for each profession. They are, once more, simply recolors. There are 15 professions in the game. There are now SEVENTY-ONE pieces of gear that can be acquired by the new DLC strongboxes, and this is NOT counting the new hats. Let's presume "one for each class" aswell, leaving us with EIGHTY SIX.

Now, you could say "that's a lot of content, sort of…so that's good!" – you could. But here's the biggest zinger. How do you get these strong boxes? Well, you get eight of them pretty easily and instantly – complete each level in legend. The Okri and Tower ones aren't hard either – quick to do. So, 10 immediately. This leaves us with 76 items to be acquired, excluding the harder challenges.

And each box only has one item. For a random character. And the only other way to get them is via weeklies. This means that it will take you 76 WEEKS to get all of the content. 76 weeks can roughly be translated 19 MONTHS of slow content drip consisting almost exclusively of SIMPLE RECOLORS AND RESKINS. Does it get better? It does.

We're not paying for the cosmetics either. We are paying for the CHANCE to get something we want without having any ability to direct what we even get from these crates. The fact that you don't get duplicates doesn't matter. The grind is mindboggling regardless.

With all of this said, I need to ask everyone here. This isn't okay, right? And I need to earnestly ask Fatshark here…what were you thinking? What happened? You read this subreddit – I know that. You might read this post. Why would you ever think that it's okay to put this out in a piece of paid content? If we're going to pay for the cosmetics, at the very least make acquiring them not take literally over a year and a half of continuous gameplay.

I understand that some people state that they bought the DLC to support Fatshark – because they put a lot of time in the game already, and it wasn't a full priced game anyway. And I understand that – I really do. For it's base value, V2 is a lot of value for your money. But at the same time, does it excuse practices like these? Does Fatshark think it does? Again, I don't want people to jump into vitriol here ,even if I do understand that my own post was a little charged with a certain level of indignation. But this needs to be fixed, doesn't it?

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