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“Shield Breaking” tag on new weapons

warhammer 4 - "Shield Breaking" tag on new weapons

I know that the tags are not something to be relied on for anything super informative about a weapon… but unless I and others that I have asked are completely missing something, it seems that 3 of the 4 new weapons that have this tag just don't do anything special to shield infantry at all?

The only weapon of the 4 that actually can break a shield in my experience is the Elven Axe. I feel that i've tried every attack possible on a shield with each of the new Dual weapons and I didn't see anything notable happening to any shield units, just them blocking the hit as per usual.

Maybe i'm misguided in what this tag actually means, but the only weapons that I can recall having that tag are the 1h Axe and the 2h Hammer, and they both just obliterate shields on contact with 1h Axe heavies and 2h Hammer lights. I also recall 1h Hammer/Mace being able to break shields, but upon inspection just now it doesn't seem they have the Shield Breaking tag, and its been so long since I used them for me to say they do with certainty.


With the knowledge that the tags aren't worth noting for the most part, it's probably better that they switch out the tags for the 3 offenders here to something more generic, as to avoid confusion with new players (I recall around when the game first came out people were acting like only weapons with Armor Piercing tags were able to do armor damage, and only weapons with Headshot tags were able to deal headshot damage.) Of course, this is a very low priority, but also probably a fairly simple fix.

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