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Shield Problems

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I've always been a huge fan of shields, and so the current state of them is a little disheartening. I've spent a lot of time using them despite this, and have put together a bit of a list of all the related bugs and issues I can think of and find.

  • All Shields

"Inspect Weapon" makes the shield disappear, and only views the other weapon. All shield weapons and variants have this issue.

When fighting "Hyper Density" pushes and attacks very often fail to hit anything. All weapons have this issue, but shields are hit very hard due to the low mobility and reliance on pushes.

Awful Dodge profile, with an EDC of 1, and the lowest distance moved, Shields are very immobile and have to rely on pushes and the shield bash to make space. This is most likely intentional, but REALLY hurts because of the issue above.

  • Sword + Shield

Block/Push Arc is 120, all other shields are 180. Picture

Mace + Shield has no 3rd person animation for Heavy Attack 1, Kruber just does the shield bash animation.

Mace and Shield's damage VS armour is atrocious, and is almost unusable on Legend because of it.

Axe + Shield is fine really, it might not be optimal, but it's far from useless.
Hammer + Shield is pretty much the same as Mace + Shield, however it does actually have an animation for Heavy Attack 1, so it's only really the abysmal AP damage.

I think mostly, fixing the issues with AP damage, and phantom swings would go a long way with a lot of weapons. (Why do we get told to strike the head with non AP weapons when headshots do 1 damage at best?) More weapon variety is never a bad thing IMO.

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