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Shield & Spear for Kerillian

chivalry screenshot1 - Shield & Spear for Kerillian

I was pretty happy with the addition of new weapons, especially with the spear and ever since I bought For Honor a month ago I wanted to see a spear and shield combo for Kerillian because I mained the Valkyrie and I would absolutely love it if the devs would put such thing into the game. I imagine the spear & shield combo to be more defensive like all the other shield weapons combos. And to not be too similar to the spear it should mostly do wide angle attacks and single target on the heavy attacks. I hope Im not the only one who would like to see this beeing added. (Im not rich on knowlegde concerning the lore in Warhammer this suggestion is more like a personal request)

This is what the attacks would be like in my mind(I wanted a kind of hybrid in defence. attack, single and multi target attack):

Block : just an animation idea for block attack v2 which would be kerillian holding her shield in front of her and the spear behind her back from below and not over her shoulder.

Heavy Attack 1 : a horizontal strike from the right to the left dealing damage up to 5 targets of which 3 recieve moderate damage the other 2 lower dmg and the remaining targets none at all. every target gets a stagger effect (no knockback) and the attack pierces through armour.

Heavy Attack 2 : directly after HA1 she will do another horizontal strike with a slight tilt to the buttom. This attack is faster and deals a tiny amount more dmg but remains the same as HV1


Block Attack v1: she does the usual push and right after that she does a single target attack which deals above moderate dmg which also can pierce through armour.

Block Attack v2: during the block animation he holds her spear behind her back and after the push she pulls the spear to the front from the buttom making an uppercut like strike which is able to multible target if they stay in that exact line of strike. This strike pierces through armour and has great knockback potential.

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Attack 1 : her first strike would be single target strike in a horizontal swing from the right to the middle of the screen making it the best strike for headshots. It does above moderate dmg but does not pierce through armour.

Attack 2 : following the first attack she does a low dmg shield bash that can hit 2 targets with very low dmg but great stun potential.

Attack 3 : next she does a swipe attack from the buttom right screen to the middle left beeing able to hit 7 targets of which 3 take moderate dmg 3 lower than moderate dmg and the last none at all. All the targets recieve a very short stun except the first 2 who get a knockback.

Attack 4 : her last attack follows Attack 3 directly by doing a 2 target attack from the top left screen to the middle. The first target it hits recieves great dmg and the second moderate dmg. This attack also pierces through armour.

So yea thats how I would like to have it in the game.

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