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Should all weapons be good at everything?

warhammer 8 - Should all weapons be good at everything?

Vermintide's weapons are totally unbalanced and whenever someone talks about buffing this or nerfing that, I hear alot of people say 'we don't want all weapons to work exactly the same because then it only gives the illusion of choice' and while I get where they're coming from to an extent, the problem is that we already have an illusion of choice.

If there are some weapons that are 10x better than everything else (twin hammers, executioner's sword, Sword and Dagger) then the result is the same as if every weapon was equal in strength, speed, etc. We already have an illusion of choice because you either take the good one or you shoot yourself in the kneecap.

The three most important things a weapon needs to have in this game is Speed, Crowd Control and Armour Piercing. If a weapon has 2 of these then it'd be god-tier, yet all of the best weapons have all 3.

The 2 Handed Hammer, Executioner's Sword, Dual Hammers, Sword and Dagger and the Flail are all middling to really fast attack speeds, have the best crowd control in the game and all of them have AP.

Weapons that aren't good at crowd control are just objectively terrible/10x worse than those that have it. The 2h Hammer and Greataxe are the perfect example: they have the exact same attack patterns and yet the hammer is better at staggering enemies, it attacks in straight lines (meaning it hits more enemies) and somehow its also f-ing faster than the Greataxe too!

Fatshark has attempted to fix the imbalance by nerfing this and buffing that, but Its not just a rebalance that's needed, IMO alot of weapons have Vermintide 1 syndrome, back before Fatshark started making proper combos and multiple different charge attacks. Things like the Glave, Pickaxe, Greataxe and 2h Hammer all feel so incredibly limited, even if alot of these weapons are still good, they're so rigid and unfun to play with in comparison to some newer weapons.


I think the Bretonnian Longsword is the gold standard of what a weapon should have, it's simple and yet really kinda deep. You've got the basic attack pattern (horizontal, horizontal, overhead), but you can block to stop the combo and if you do it fast you can just get crowd control swing after swing. Then you have 3 charge attacks, with the first 2 complementing the main attack pattern (and the second one leading into the biggest crowd control chain combo the weapon has). Then you have the final overhead charge which does 5000 damage and leads into a light attack with the same damage output.

It doesn't sound like much but it means you're constantly setting up a combo of some kind. Its so varied and deep and fun to use as a result.

Most of the weapons from the first game can't hold a candle in terms of complexity or utility. (Pickaxe has 2 swings and 1 charge. 2h hammer has 3 lights and 2 charges which are the same, etc). They made a good start on this with Kerrilians spear and shield and the Halberd but there's alot more weapons that require alot more work than simply adding a single sweep attack or reversing the charges.

In my opinion, all weapons should have the same relative complexity and utility as the Bretonnian Longsword (AP, Crowd Control, layered combos, etc) and the variation should come in the attack speed, damage output and what their combos are/what they do. Weapons like the Pickaxe need actual combos, the Greataxe should be faster than the 2h hammer and have an extra swing at the end of its light attack chain.

What do you think? and what tweaks to combos, speed, charges, etc would you recommend?

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